3 strategies we can learn from other people’s mistake

          Hi smart people, howdy? I hope you always have good day, today I would like to share about the topic “3 strategies we can learn from other people's mistake”, the meaning of that statement; we can add some more values after we learn from people's mistake, then we can develop our weaknesses after we observe about people's mistake, the main reason why we need to learn about people's mistake because we prevent ourselves to do the worse mistake than other people’s mistake, if we repeat other people’s mistake, our lives journey will be meaningless and worthless because our times is not enough to repeat other people’s mistakes, at this moment let me share to you what should we do when we know other people get new mistake, here is the first strategy we can learn from other people mistake; don’t blame everything related to the people’s educational background or blame the unknown circumstance around them, but we can take a note from the reason why people need to make mistake, means, every mistake doesn’t always define people’s carelessness, sometimes people need to ensure whether every attempt they make will create any change or not, mistake is part of learning process, no matter how smart we were in the past, failure didn’t look someone’s history in the past, failure needs accuracy and precision before we get a progress, failure is just a bait to catch a new opportunity, if you don’t fail at the first attempt, your inner world is a precarious and unstable because you risk your future by doing nothing precious.

          Here is the second strategy we can learn from other people mistake; when people get new mistake, we try to improve our ignorance and we learn new thing from new perception, means, our ignorance will become our comfort zone when we do nothing meaningful for future, we need to break our capacity level every day until our vision can recognize the problem, every ignorance represents the comfort zone, the more you get curious about new thing, the more you break your own comfort zone, the more you break your own comfort zone, the more you get going to the learning zone where it offers uncomfortable zone, within the learning zone, you will feel unhappy because you will get new wisdom from life, but here is the critical point, “the more you get wisdom, the more you will be pursued by new problem”, so problem is not bad thing if we know how to utilize it, sometimes problem knows we need it to enhance our mental intelligence, we will never improve our capacity till we are willing to accept the life challenge such as personal problem or other people's problem, that’s life game, starting today, don’t laugh when other people get mistake, all we need to do is breaking our ignorance level first, Here is the third strategy we can learn from other people mistake; we need to make new mistake that 99% people don’t ever make it, if we follow that consequence, we will never feel bored in our own lives because our creation has gradually improved and finally we will get success more than what we imagine, hopefully you can get something useful after you read this article.