4 tricks how to make progress for your career

Hi smart people, howdy? I hope you always have good day, today I would like to share about 4 tricks how to make progress for your career, the main reason why I choose this topic because many people’s career are stuck within one place and they find difficult how to improve themselves, at this moment let me share to you about 4 tricks for your career and I hope you can apply this strategy to your career, here is the first trick you need to do if you want to make progress; you can break down difficult skill into smaller ones, means you need to make list about what to do and what not to do, if you find difficult during learning process, you need to have a long term target to be finished, during learning process, you can review how much skill you have mastered, if you still can't make it, you need to break down your learning process again by learning what you think easier to do and make sure you can finish short term learning every day until you can master the difficult skills in long term, here is the second trick you need to do if you want to make progress; focus on one sub skill at one time, means, you need to classify about the skillset you want to learn, for example; if you learn new language, you must focus one sub skill, such as focus how to read well, if you master this skill, then you can learn another sub skill, such as how to write well, it's same thing with your career, you need to prioritize about one sub skill first , make sure you can master it, don’t ever try to learn several sub skills together because it will make you confused and regress your skillset.

 If you want your focus will maximize its power, all you need to do is dedicate yourself by trying something new until you don't fear to retry, that’s it, don't try to use your focus more than two targets, but if you deliberately do it, you will lose the opportunity to win, remember about the ancient proverb; you can't catch two rabbits in one time together, here is the third trick you need to do if you want to make progress; celebrate your mistake and learn how to make new mistake, this idea is not asking you how to make something to be right all the time, but sometimes you have to invest your own mistakes to the mistake’s account in order to awaken your spiritual growth, that’s greatest power you need to develop every day, if you don’t make mistake, you know nothing about the truth, unfortunately most people prefer to reject how to make mistake rather than collecting new mistake, no wonder their spiritual intelligence doesn’t grow because they hate to make mistake, in fact, every mistake will teach us how to avoid the worse mistake in the future, without making new mistake, your spiritual intelligence will not grow and every your attempt can’t connect with God's plan.

When you celebrate your own mistakes, God will give a special message to your spiritual intelligence and He will correct your mistakes, finally you can become a master, here is the fourth trick you need to do if you want to make progress; teach other people about what your vision does,  this idea will help you to get feedback from other people, if you meet new person that you think he has good reputation, make sure you can learn something from him, after that you can share your vision, when you share something to other people, unwittingly they will give you credible explanation and probably they will follow what your vision does, teaching is not part of showing your smart to other people, but teaching is part of how you understand what you learn and how to progress your skillset to bring an impact to other people's lives, I think that’s my explanation about 4 tricks how to make progress for your career, hopefully you can get something meaningful after you read this article.
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