5 Bad habits that show human lack of self esteem

          Hi smart people, howdy? I hope you always have good day, today I would like to share to you about 5 bad habits that show human lack of self-esteem, the main reason why I choose that topic because not everyone can recognize about bad habit which may influence people’s character, at this moment I would like to share about several bad habits that show human lack of self-esteem, here is the first bad habit that making people lack of self-esteem; Saying “yes” to everything, means they will give nod “Yes” response to everybody’s invitation such as making chitchat without no big purpose, always agreeing to accompany other people’s private matter, staying up late at friend's house without any agenda, remember; when you live in other people’s story more often rather than living in your life story, you will be a prisoner of people’s jail, make sure you can plan your future by doing something you love and meaningful, here is the second bad habit that making people lack of self-esteem; self-criticism or self-negative talk; this habit has been occurring in every generation, especially young person, if you want to develop your skill, don’t ever try to make self-negative talk because I am afraid the warrior(subconscious mind) within you will do destruction from what you command, every time you do self-talk, the warrior within you will listen carefully and follow what you desire.

          Here is the third bad habit that making people lack of self-esteem; back down when opinions are challenged and criticized by others, means, when people will criticize your opinion, it doesn’t mean they always underestimate about your opinion, sometimes other people need some evidences from you rather than just listening your opinion, hopefully you will provide some evidences first before you give opinion to others, sometimes people will remember what is your opinion saying rather than seeing your action, Here is the fourth bad habit that making people lack of self-esteem; being indecisive when people want to make simple decision, if you experience with this bad habit, you need to force yourself by taking risk, being indecisive means there is no plan to fail, remember this; no matter how much effort we made in the past, it didn't relate by what we can do today, we would better to take wrong decision rather than doing nothing and standing still, it doesn’t matter how big your problem, when you behave indecisive, you will lose the opportunity to win.

        Here is the fifth bad habit that making people lack of self-esteem; fearing to failure, means, some people are feared by what they can't do rather than fear about what they regret, if they fear without any good reason behind it, I am afraid their lives will not move forward, it’s stumbling block, we shouldn't fear about failure, but we should fear when we don't try something, we must create new perception and consider the failure as the ladder step if we want to elevate every  attempt we make, remember this; “without failure, there is no trying, without trying something new, there is no progress, when there is no progress, the future is dead”, if you want to make your self-esteem increasing, you need to brave to face the failure more often rather than see nothing about failure, the more you practice, the more your self-esteem increases, make sure you focus about what you can do and let go of bad habit that making your self-esteem decreasing, hopefully you can get something useful after you read this article.