5 rules how to build partnership in business

         Hi smart people, howdy? I hope you always have good day, today I would like to share about 5 rules how to build partnership in business, the main reason why I choose that topic because many people are trapped in wrong relationship during running the business, so they can't create a guarantee how to create a good relationship,  so at this moment let me share about 5 rules we need to obey how to build partnership in long term plan, here is the first rule how to build partnership in business; you mustn’t recommend something new to other people before you have proven it whether it’s safety or harmful, if we don’t really know about the qualification of product or service we offer, we harm our reputation, please don't let it happen, we shouldn’t start to offer something, don’t let our partnership will be broken because of our selfishness and our ignorance in business, we must provide the available resources how to make other people feel satisfied with our service, such as, enrich people's knowledge, teach people how to set a clear goal, educate people how to make a better life, remember this note; reputation is like the personal character which tells anybody else about our profile, it can’t be represented with the worldly stuff, reputation will represent our personal branding, so before you recommend something to other people, you must be a history maker first.

        To make stronger partnership, you must concern about what other people argue, don't be a problem giver, but be a problem observer, this is the key, when you have this kind of mindset, you will learn something ahead before other people do, here is the second rule how to build partnership in business; don’t demand something to your partners to provide some advantages to yourself before you can demand on yourself to bring advantages three times to other people, if you think this second rule is not easy to be applied in daily life, don’t run any business because you will not get happier if you keep doing it, remember this key; when your client or partners felt bad, you will burden what they feel, now I give you question, “what if you will obtain three times advantages without necessarily return it over the givers?”, you feel happier with it, am I right?, if so, you must treat other people like what you obtain from the giver, this case goes the same with the real life, if you give something useful for other people, God will plan something great to you, wherever you go, you can’t avoid to receive the reward because you have rewarded your time with higher responsibility by caring people’s lives, make sure you don’t implant something bad to other people because the natural law will do the same like this, “if you do a good deed for others, God's goodness will find you, if you do an evil, you will be treated with the evil thing”.

        Here is the third rule how to build partnership in business; provide new resources constantly to other people although they can't return it the same as you did, this is important note, if you can’t provide it, your reputation will not be expanded as well because your service hasn't added other people's lives, don't behave the same like what ordinary people always do when you want to add some values to your life, don’t let your satisfaction will stop you learning, remember this; act of learning is kind of good habit how to improve what you don't know and enrich what you already know, please be a good student wherever you are, if you have this kind of habit, you will look at the problem as nail and hammer, here is fourth rule how to build partnership in business; be a busy person who always appreciates what your partner does although the result doesn’t satisfy you, when you have this kind of habit, other people will look at you as a good tutor, not being pusher because you let other people will find their own mistakes, hopefully after you read this article, you can apply this lesson to your business field.


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