5 signs you are overwhelmed

Hi smart people, howdy? I hope you always have good day, today I would like to share about 5 signs you are overwhelmed, the main reason why I choose that topic because most people know how to deal with the daily problem but they never learn how to reduce their overwhelming negative emotion, at this moment let me share to you how to recognize several signs you are overwhelmed with busy daily activity and how to deal with it, here is the first sign that you are overwhelmed with daily activity; you are sleeping too much or you are difficult to get enough sleep, if you have ever experienced with it in your daily routine, you should try to drink a chamomile tea before sleep or you can foster your sense of relaxation by keep inhaling the lavender oil at multiple times before sleep at night, and also you can practice your body such as meditation, yoga, progressive muscle relaxation.

Here is the second sign that you are overwhelmed with daily activity; you are always tired, no matter how much sleep you get, if you experience with it, means, you are too complacent by what you are doing, that's big problem which causes you are always tired, you need to shift your paradigm by collecting new experience from other people's good experience and learn from the successful people who succeed to step out from their dark side, here is for your note; if you are too tired now, it is not because you are hardworking, but because you are uninspired to do something what you love, here is method you need to do; you need to build your enthusiasm by looking for your biggest curiosity in this life and develop your passion to look for it.

Remember this note; hard working is not major cause that’s making you tired in daily activity, you are just uninspired by doing something you in daily, make sure you get inspired when you develop something in daily life, Here is the third sign that you are overwhelmed; you lack of energy, means, you spend too much focus on the wrong thing, you need to sharpen your focus by doing the most urgency thing in your daily activity and neglect the other target for temporary, when you overshoot your energy to everything around you, you always lose your energy, I just remind you that losing your energy is not caused by lacking of focus, it is caused lacking of repetition, so you need to overstretch your major skill in one course till you can finish, once you do that, your energy will come to you automatically, here is fourth sign that you are overwhelmed; you are high-strung, if you experience with it, you are too focus about something that you can't control, you mustn't focus on something you can't control, instead you must focus on the measurable target only, besides that, you need to limit your focus by finishing the most important thing to you and stop doing too much progress.

Here is the fifth sign that you are overwhelmed; you are stressed out, means, you will get stressed when you don’t build the independence skill, you must ensure what you do in daily is going to develop your vision, enhance your vitality and improve your responsibility, starting today, you need to aim the possible target for you to finish it and stop comparing between what you can't do with other people who can finish what you can do, that's method how to get out of severe stress's impact, here is the another major cause why you are stressed out, “you are too afraid by doing something new and worry what you can’t finish” , hopefully after you read this article, you can control your power of emotional intelligence.


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