5 skills you don’t get when you study at school

          Hi smart people, howdy? I hope you always have good day, today I would like to share about the topic “5 skills you don’t get when you study at school”, the main reason why I choose that topic because many people just depend on the school's education system during developing their career or getting a better job, but in fact they forget how to embrace these skills, at this moment, I would like share about several skills people should get when they were young as student at school, these skills will help people how to strengthen their survival skill during facing a tight competition in the world markethere is the first skill you should get when you study at school; “how to sell/promote your skill, means, the formal education doesn't teach student how to unlock the student's skill, teacher just teach how to remember the lesson, how to make good note, how to calculate the basic number, multiple the algorithm number, etc. Unfortunately many compulsory subjects at school are designed not to help students how to survive in this life until they study at the university, instead, at the formal school the students mindset are designed to be follower and how to play safe at work.

         Now I understand why many people are trapped in debt until they die heavily because their minds are set with wrong paradigm since they were studying at school, if every student is taught how to sell or promote their skills, I am sure many students are willingly to contribute something to their school, they will learn something they never did before, their curiosity will increase and bigger because their power of willingness will keep students studying very good, as teacher, we only need to create mood booster to the students curiosity and let the students will develop their talents by their own way, here is the second skill you don’t get when you study at school; “how to think differently from the problem”, if students possess this skill, every student has self-motivation and they will not stop learning until they have detected the root of the problem, unfortunately many student don’t have enough time to think about it because every time they make a new movement, the teachers has blocked the student's life path.

          Here is the third skill you don’t get when you study at school; “how to negotiate with other people when they reject your prompt action”, means, this skill one of the important skill in this life and this skill costs very expensive because when you learn to negotiate, you will give other people with a new perception and you educate them until other people will accept your prompt action, if the students have this skill, they will become a proactive student and they will ask the teacher to be joining in study group, student will not feel bother to ask something to the teacher when the student will find a difficult thing during studying, here is the fourth skill you don’t get when you study at school; “how to face failure”, this skill will help to strengthen the student's mental strength and also help the student to stay focus on the goal, unfortunately, not all teachers teach their students with this skill, no wonder many student feel down when their score rank have been downgraded because they don't have this skill, here is the fifth skill you don’t get when you study at school; “How to prioritize the major time this skill needs to unlearn a daily bad habit because it can create a big result in the future because students possess a sense of urgency during studying, if we talk about it, this skill acquires several years to adapt with it because every student fights against their comfort zone, besides that, every student will feel a mental pain because of new adaptation with the time priority management, I think that’s enough from my simple explanation, hopefully you can change your life soon by learning those skills and you can teach your children with those skills when they are still student.