5 skills you should learn when you don’t study at formal school

          Hi smart people, howdy? I hope you always have good day, today I would like to share about 5 skill you should learn when you don’t study at formal school, the main reason why I choose that topic because not many people are willing to learn these skills because they think earning money is better than learning something new, at this moment, let me share to you about 5 skills you should learn when you don’t study at school, here is the first skill you should learn when you don’t study at school; How to find your passion,  this skill is one of the most valuable resource for human being, this skill can’t be founded at school education system, if you want to find your passion, it can be developed by activating an insatiable curiosity and you do something what you really want to do daily, make sure you don't do for the money or the fame first, you just become happier by doing what you love, if you haven’t found it yet at school, you can make research until your sense of urgency will appear to your mind and it's telling you not to shirk what you do, when you do urgently although it doesn’t seem urgent, you will find your passion on it, I think working for your major interest during living in this life is part of your riches, don’t leave it behind, you need to spend more time to practice and dedicate yourself by doing something meaningful for the longevity happiness.

Here is the second skill you should learn when you don’t study at school; how to make an impact of progression, means, you can't any progress for your life when you just do something what you know daily, you need to delegate your talent by working on it, if you don't delegate your ability by practicing, you can't create an impact  of  progression by waiting the miracle or other people's help, you need to be proactive person by offering something to other people and let the universe will return something bigger to you, make sure your resourcefulness has influenced other people's lives and guide them to do something good for a better life, this skill can’t be developed at school because many people are getting busy, but not increasing for productivity, here is the third skill you should learn when you don’t study at school; how to communicate well, this skill can help you to promote your talents to the public, don’t let anybody knows nothing about your talents because some day your talent will pay you with worthy compensation, learning the communication skill also can help you how to see opportunity when most people can’t see it, when you communicate well and connect between your idea with other people, people indirectly notice your hidden talent and other people will seek your talent, don’t miss it, remember this note; the more you learn the communication skill, the more you sell your sense of trustworthy, the less you learn the communication skill, you will lose your confidence level.

Here is the fourth skill you should learn when you don’t study at school; How to read a financial statement, the financial statement’s knowledge can’t be learnt when you don’t take a risk by investing your money to the field area you believe it works, sometimes you will lose your money, it's not because you don't know how to buy something with your money, but you don't know about the rule of the money's game, you will get the financial's knowledge when you keep your money working, this skill is very important, especially when you want to build your dignity, you must learn it although you have never taught at school, the financial statement will teach you how to avoid a sense of extravagant and it can help you how to fulfill your daily needs without burdening other people's private matter, here is the fifth skill you should learn when you don’t study at school; How to improve your spiritual intelligence,  this skill can’t be developed by increasing your intellectual intelligence or emotional intelligence only, but you need to combine those things and develop your curiosity until you see the truth, in order to get the truth, you must dare to fail at something, without seeking the truth, you can’t develop your spiritual intelligence, it's life game, this skill is the top favorable resources because it can help you to find your source of resources, but unfortunately this skill is difficult to be applied in daily life because people must leave their major ego if they want to learn about the spiritual intelligence, if you learn this skill, you can unlock your passion, you can improve your ignorance and resurrect your hidden potential, in order to get the spiritual intelligence, people must adapt themselves by working as God's servant, means, you will work as daily contributor, remember this; when you work as God's servant, everything you need will be fulfilled by God's grace, hopefully these skills can help you how to increase your independence skill and develop your career as well.


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