7 lessons to help you persist through tough time

Hi guys, howdy? I hope you always have good day, today I would like to share about some lessons to help you how to persist through tough time, the main reason why I choose that topic because many people are giving up with their goal when they actually stay close with their goals, now let me share how to persist through tough time, here is the first lesson to help you persist through tough time; "everything you receive in this life is part of God’s plan", if you understand this statement, you will not blame everything you don't know, whether there are failures, setback, rejection, betrayal, cheat and many other things that people may disagree with God's plan, those are the priceless lesson where it can help you how to unlock your hidden potential and break your own ignorance, I know that you may disagree about all blessing you receive from this life, but when you change your perception, you will change your habit and daily ritual.

If you think you are special, you don't need to doubt about what you receive, everybody is unique, not all human will receive something like what you receive, enjoy what you can do, remember this note; don’t be afraid when you receive the unwelcome problem because it’s part of God’s plan, you should fear when you don’t receive any challenge at all, if you don’t receive any challenge from God, means, your status or your career can’t be developed anymore, if you understand it, you will prepare something early before the unwelcome problem comes to you, here is the second lesson to help you persist through tough time; "you can’t escape from responsibility you can take and you can't blame about reality, all you need to do is get back to work because God will not burden you, unless you can handle it", means, your destiny can’t be exchanged until you can change something you do daily because your destiny is the last product you have built from the type of responsibility you make.

If you don't take higher responsibility, you can't get more success because your responsibility will become a magnet, now you can choose which priority you need to do first and which priority you need to leave, the more you take new responsibility, the more success will find you, you can’t create a better life by becoming ordinary people who only take small responsibility, the first priority you should do when you face tough time is learn how to build a sense of urgency by leaving as many as good legacy that you can reward to this world, if you are not urged with sense of urgency, the reward will not come to you urgently, many of us prefer to underestimate about the time until we don't realize that we don't have a unique skill to be offered in the market place, keep persistent in tough time is the key how to get God's blessing, here is third lesson to help you persist through tough time; "the yesterday’s failure will not be the same with tomorrow’s failure", if you understand this statement, you will not avoid new failure because every failure is not designed to kill your potential, instead the failure will give you better idea, better performance, better personality, and many positive things you can collect after you got many failures, remember this; failure is nothing, but it's progress.

When you get failure at the first time, you should ask "why I have to get failure?", I think that question will bring up new idea when you ponder it, don’t just listen other people’s bad criticism when you are requested by them to stop learning something new, it’s part of a toxic criticism, here is fourth lesson to help you persist through tough time; "be curious about something you don't have and be curious about the goal you will never get it", if you tie your focus with goal, you will be happiest person after you already reach your goal, remember this note; the greatest goal in life will not teach you how to collect many good experiences, but it teaches you how to possess the ability to endure the pain of many failures, that’s life game, if you want to win the game, you must find the model that it's worked for you, if you don't find the model that it is worked for you, you keep practicing until your skill can find new opportunity for you.

“Failure is not opposite with success because failure is part of success’s plan”, the tough time will educate you how to leave the unproductive habit and increase your passion to work on your goal, here is the fifth lesson to help you persist through tough time; "learn from the successful people’s story who have succeeded to endure many failures during building their career", means, nobody will escape from the failure, sometimes we need a new figure who have endured many failures, so we will not get shocked when we got failure at the first time, here is sixth lesson to help you persist through tough time; "today is gift, tomorrow is mystery and yesterday was history", if you understand it, you should be passionate when you are living today because today offers many things that you can learn from it, if you don't want to learn, don't blame when time will crush your potential, here is the seventh lesson to help you persist through tough time; "the failure is temporary, but being ignorant person is permanent, means, you can't win the life game by avoiding the failure, if you are persistent to your plan, you will keep it although there are many obstacles, if you are consistent to your plan, you will have it in reality, God will not give you another plan to do something bigger than your plan if you give up, starting today, don't try to avoid tough time because your life story will be different when you write it down with your struggle.


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