A man who masters patience, masters everything else

Hi guys, howdy? I hope you always have good day, today I would like to share about the topic "a man who masters patience, master everything else", means, he can master everything he wants as long as he can bear how to endure responsibility and keep trusting with journey while he must await the outcome, that is the essential of life game, "As human being who don't know about the future, our job is making proposal to Almighty God", but unfortunately, not many people understand about how to make proposal while staying patient with God's final decision, so they just want to work on the small thing, the bad thing is "they don't want to prepare the provision how to face upcoming problem in long term plan", as a result, they can never make progress at all because they skip everything valuable, remember this note; life is having the game rule, when everybody wants to succeed to play in life, they must train their mindset how to defeat their own ignorance and how to dominate the game rule, if people have failed to dominate the game rule, it's not because they don't have enough skill, but the root of problem is they haven't failed enough and they lack of training. 

The main reason why we must train our mindset by spending our time productively because life will not provide something useful to human if they haven’t had enough productivity, life is not kind of place where it always offers benefit, sometimes life gives something unfairly in order to influence people how to keep struggling during waiting the answer from God, that's life game, if people's patience aren't being tested  with difficult situation, the people's power will not be increased triple down from the previous one, whether we like it or not with the life system, we must be ready at anytime and prepare our provision because the future is always mysterious, we can't escape from the reality, we have choice when the reality comes to our lives, namely "we let the circumstance changes us or we change ourselves in advance before the circumstance changes us", if we don’t create productive habit, the reality will change our lifestyle and our brain system will be shut down automatically because it lacks of usage, remember this note; difficult situation is designed by God to strengthen our patience in order to face the more problem which may happen in the future, furthermore, God says " I will not burden the soul beyond it can bear", means, every human will get the life test according to the patience level. 

Here are the example of patience’s activity during waiting the good news from Almighty God, such as being busy person who is focusing on the clear goal, building good reputation, being a good contributor and many other positive things, have you ever heard this terminology? it says “a man proposes, God disposes”, means human are not entitled to create the final product, human are just asked by God to create a new path by showing the best performance and stay focus on the goal, now I give you a question, “what’s importance between goal and patience?” if you think goal is more important than patience, you will never reach goal because you don’t respect the game rule, do you know the reason why patience is more important than goal? Because every goal needs progress whereas stay patient is the basic foundation how to make progress.