Don’t be the person who needs someone, be someone a person needs

          Hi guys, howdy? I hope you always have good day, today I would like to share about how to be the best version of yourself and how to be independence person during designing a life journey, the main reason why I choose that topic because not everyone are willingly to design their own lives, in daily life, many people get busier by doing something definite in order to get something definite, unfortunately in their rest of lives, very few people prepare something they never did, so no wonder most people get frustrated with their lives journey because they just hope how to get something they never received but they never prepared how to make something they never did before, that's root of the problem which human have,  so when the life crisis comes, people fear about which the root of problem they can't handle it, after that they just ask someone else's help to fight what most people fear, now I understand where the root of fear comes from; the most people's fearfulness is coming from the human's design that it is not ready to use and human lack of enthusiasm about something they never tried before, I just want to remind again that fear is not part of human's weakness, sense of fear is just the signal that people must do extraordinary thing before sense of fear turns into sense of regret, here is my daily note; people who just struggle for collecting for the instant reward, eventually they will never get the better reward because they deliberately reject to enjoy the learning process, in my opinion; people who reject the consequences, they will never be reborn to get new opportunity.

        Don't just wait the signal of help, we must remember that earth doesn't provide something instantly, but earth provides the progressive product development where it can be used to supply what people need, As human being, we must learn from the nature's habit, every creature needs the nature whereas the nature doesn't need creature because the nature has the independence skill, the unlimited wealth doesn't choose the perfection result from the human's skill, but the unlimited wealth comes from the lifetime learning zone, if people want to get the unlimited wealth, starting from now, we must design something we never tried and try to get rejection from the future, do you know why we need to get rejection? Because we will be taught how to have the independence skill, when we have this skill, unwittingly we will control our fear and turn it to become self-motivation, remember this note if you want to know about the essential of living; "as human being, we are here to add what we can to life, not to get what we can from life", means, life will teach how to have the independence skill if we are willing to leave our satisfaction zone and go to the learning zone, when we step out from the satisfaction zone, we can give more value to other people and help people to design new life and teach other people how to have the independence skill.

        If we are afraid to hunt, we must be ready to die at anytime, if we aren't ready to die at anytime, so we must prepare survival skill, enhance good vision, create a good legacy in order to prolong our lives on earthhere is the mindset you need to learn if you want to be someone that most people awaited for, "life is like zoo in the jungle", means, we must be ready when we will enter to the unknown zone, within that range area, we must prepare something powerful than we usually do daily, or our future will be killed by our ignorance, our future is very important than our past, if we don't want our mind is haunted with the shadow of fear, we must leave something that it prevents us to move forward, such as being a lifetime student, remember this; zoo represents the comfort zone and jungle represents the learning zone, when we will feel discomfort, means, we start to grow our lives design, here is the rule; there is no learning zone within the comfort zone and there is no growth mindset when there is no learning zone". hopefully after you read this article, you will be someone that most people awaited for.