Don’t expect to become more than average if you give less than 100 %

        Hi smart people, howdy? I hope you always have good day, today I would like to share how to be a person who deserves something better without being forced to do something difficult,  the main reason why I choose that topic because not many people are willingly to become better, instead of they expect higher than their preparation, guess what when they keep doing such thing, they will lose because they don’t pay their efforts to give more than expect something, we must understand that this world is not kind of place where it offers the happiness places, but this world has offered suffering, the mental pain, a bad experience, getting school, got rejection, failure, setback, and many other offering, that's why we need a worse preparation to become more than we expect something higher, if you want to make a better world, heal your inner world first from a sense of anger, a sense of ungrateful, a sense of intelligence snob, then embrace of every failure by practicing what your skill set, if you these habits, the whole world will offer you a big problem that you need to solve it.

        Don't just follow the majority of people's habit where they just do the same subject without any progress at all, the main reason why people just do the same thing because they use a sense of satisfaction, not using sense of urgency, if you think time is more important than holding a party, means, you belong to 1% club in this world, please train your inborn ability before the life crisis will come, if you don't find it, build from your major interest, make sure your interest has valuable thing, don't let the life crisis will change your life story and don't make new change when a life crisis is coming, it's too late, all you need to do is how to make different thing in your activity as if you were creating the last magnificent story in your life, be dedicated person to do something from what you can, not thinking about what you can't, it's the key, now I understand the main reason why average people can’t earn more than they can do because they stop learning and they stop curious about the future, in fact, our destiny is lies in the future, not at present, remember this; we will never detect the moment in the future before we give our design to the future by giving service to others, don't think about the outcome first, if you think about the money, you will never get outcome because you don't have any solution to be served.
        Remember this note; we will never get paid extraordinary in lifetime before we possess a good habit by giving more than we usually get paid, this life is not talking about how much money you have, but how much pain you can endure, as long as we just follow our satisfaction than our self-awareness, we will get trapped in the comfort zone because there is no learning process, growth mindset is always uncomfortable because we will be forced to get out from one place to another one, but that's life game, in order to get satisfaction, we need to develop our skill, every happiness can't sustain by itself, happiness can be sustained by developing our mental strength during facing problem in this life and also happiness can't be developed when there is no dedicated job that we do every day, remember this note; when we prioritize our satisfaction, our sense of desire will lose value because we prefer to stop doing valuable thing, stop learning is kind of regression, whether you want to develop your life purpose or not, life will decay our resources like time, effort, energy, faith, strong feeling, courage, etc. That’s life challenge, we must race with our time zone, we are living on earth at once, when we die, we will never return to this life again, here is my final advice; before you expect something better, ask yourself "how much I can bear when this life will give me a problem", hopefully after you read this article, you will find new way how to make a better life.