Focus on what you care about, everything else is distraction

Hi guys, howdy? I hope you always have good day, today I would like to share about the topic “how to focus on what you care about”, the main reason why I choose that topic because many people use their power of focus to notice everything they can see around, in fact, that is biggest problem I have ever seen in my life experience, Do you know why? Because notice everything can waste the power of focus to the inefficient thing, if you want to create a better idea or improve your perspective area, don’t notice everything around you because you will lose a significant improvement of your insight, notice everything is the biggest failure you will receive unknowingly, you would better to notice to the tiny detail that you need to prioritize, the more you obtain to the detail thing, the more energy will flow to your insight, here is my daily note to you; focus is like the laser’s working principle, it can’t be used when it is operated to do multitasking job, if you follow what laser does, I am sure you won’t get any trouble because you only care what’s the most important to you, make sure what’s important to you will bring something useful to others, don’t let any distraction will overflow your focus, in my opinion, stay focus to the right object is the key how to tame the beast within our mind, such as regret, worry, doubt, selfishness, uncontrolled fear, ignorance and indignation.

If your focus has been distracted by something unexpected, don’t just look for the root of problem which makes you get distracted, you only need to question yourself; why your focus has been beaten up easily?, it doesn’t matter how many distraction is happening out there, if you apply that question to you constantly, you probably will rethink again when you want to notice the source of distraction, now you just need to find what’s important to you, remember this; don’t look for an easy target, but look for something inspirational that you never did before, if you keep a clear goal with you, I am sure you will not get easily beaten up with many distraction because you have strengthened your tolerance, I just want to remind that don’t try to regret what you did in yesterday because it was unchangeable, but try to beat up yourself when you are too afraid by avoiding new mistake and stop learning new thing, every day there are many things have happened unknowingly, we can’t predict about future, but there is only way we can do in this world is keep trying to observe the unorthodox method, focus on the clear goal, be curious about the future, keep learning from other people's experience, keep collecting a new experience from the nature system, and leaving a good legacy for the next generation, after that, let the nature gives you something unexpected and let the nature provides something you deserve to get.

Now your future depends on what you focus on, if you focus about yesterday, your future isn't created yet, if you are serious how to care your future, you need to make long term goal, within 5 until 10 years later, you train your mindset how to adapt with unwelcome problem and focus how to prepare your best provision, I just want to remind you that future is the mysterious thing where it offers the unexpected result, you shouldn't notice everything where it can’t be controlled, you only need to control something rationally and do what you can finish today, hopefully after you read this article, you beware about what you become because your destiny is accumulated from your power of focus.


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