Giving of love is an education in itself

            Hi guy, howdy? I hope you always have good day, today I would like to share about how to educate ourselves with the power of love that we have never felt before, many people think that "love is always talking about caring and showing a mercy", but the opposite, "love is talking about how to take higher responsibility to everything we can choose and how to bear the risk from what we choose", to love something we have never learned, it seems difficult at the first time, but we will never feel new education without accustom our habit by giving something valuable to others, maybe you can give something to others without loving it, but believe me, it will never run constantly without having a sense of urgency to give, imagine that what you give to others will be lasting contribution on earth, you will regret in the everlasting life because you can't contribute something valuable, if you develop this sense of contributing to your soul, automatically the nature will prepare something great to you because your power of vibration has connected with the nature's purpose, remember this note; don't be afraid when you contribute something, fear that you can't give something valuable because in the life system, receiving is an automatic scale whereas giving is not manual scale, your destiny now is accumulated from what you contribute and what you can't contribute.

       We will never get new education by not participating with other people's problem, here is my suggestion; if you get a new opportunity where the reality sets you will participate with something you never obtain it before, you must try it although you think that you aren't enough capable to do it, remember; we will never know whether our contribution is valuable or not, we shouldn't think about it, all we need to think ahead is how to keep contributing something to others, let God decides to give you a feedback by showing something special into you, if only your contribution were wrong, you will be told by God to relearn again with another strategy until your contribution will be accepted by the market place, that's game of life, the power of contributing will develop your sense of love if you spend your time to prioritize it, you will never know how to taste being loved without contributing something in advance, the main reason why self-education can't be developed within most people's career because they just focus how to get outcome, not to learn how to endure in the long term process, furthermore, they expect to receive more than what they usually get paid, this is the common problem where it has happened to type of person who belongs to profit oriented characteristic.

        Remember this note; we will never get the power of love unless we provide it first to other people who need helpwe will never get the power of love in our entire of life when we don’t want to pretend how to be a new student, as student, we can invest our time to learn how to make new perspective, how to create the contingency plan, how not being afraid to try something new, the more we learn how to give something, the more we will be chased by the unexpected wealth, we don't need to worry how we can receive from what we already give, it's part of God's plan, not part of the human's job, the basic job as the normal human being is how to hunt knowledge, how to improve our inborn skill, how to kick out the bad habit, how to invest our time with growth mindset and stay in the learning zone with fully uncomfortable zone, love is part of giving a sense of trust to anybody, when we sell our trust to anybody else, means we educate our character how to be trustworthy, dependable, honesty to anybody, these are very expensive character, not everyone would be fitted with those characters, here is the important note; we must be ready to let go off something risky if one day people will betray our trust, what I believe is the more we give a good service to others, the more we receive something good.