If your path is more difficult, it’s because your calling is higher

          Hi guys, howdy? I hope you always have good day, today I would like to share how to make the life path by receiving any challenge from life, we must agree about the life game that what we receive is accumulated from what we give, if we see in the reality, some people complain when they receive, some people feel indignant when they get more challenge and some people enjoy when they get more life challenge, now the question is “what cause do some people enjoy the life challenge and what cause some people don’t enjoy with the life challenge?”, here is the answer; people who enjoy the life challenge, they always reject how to become yesterday’s themselves, whereas people who don’t enjoy the life challenge, they don’t see any opportunity in every problem, instead they see a lot of problem within every moment they have passed and they consider everything in this life is part of the everlasting suffering, here is my advice; don't let the everlasting suffering in life will become magnet for you, not all suffering come from the life problem, I don't believe that the root of the problem is coming from the life problem, what i do believe is the root of the problem is coming from the human's ignorance, lack of practice and lack of failure, so if your life path is more difficult, means, your life path is not as good as what you expect, all you need to do is giving more and expect less, now I start to understand why most people can’t create a better life because they give less and expect more.

          Remember this note; life is not always talking about a luck, but life is talking about dedication, if you don't accustom yourself to dedicate towards something important than your current capacity, i am afraid your life will be more difficult because you have missed the life lesson from the past, if you want to create future, you must take today’s challenge by showing your dedication and create a good legacy, make sure you find out what you need to train before you develop your inborn ability, make sure every day you will take the life challenge no matter what it's going on, if you don't take, you will get worse problem in the future because you didn’t finish the first life challenge, in my opinion; embrace the failure and make it as stepping stone,  Don’t let anybody else will conquer your life path by judging something bad about you, then you need to take care of your territory from the intruders, here is note for you; everything great in this life needs progress, if your life journey is more difficult, you lack of progress and you need to increase your responsibility level, do you know why you must take higher responsibility? Because taking responsibility indicates you learn from the risk, the more you learn about the risk, the more powerful your curiosity towards the unlimited wealth.

           There is no the smoothest path in this life, so we must be ready to take opportunity, endure the failure and create the unprecedented legacy, if you have this kind of mindset, you will have the ability to make creation or masterpiece in every day, make sure your enthusiasm and passion come together within  your soul, do something that makes you happily, don’t argue with other people who don’t appreciate about what you do, remember; everybody has a different path to create uniqueness, when God sees your power of faith is higher than most people have, He will raise up your career, your responsibility and your prosperity, when you get stronger than before, the problem will be nothing because you see problem as stepping stone, not stumbling block, the more you get a higher calling from God, the more challenge He gives it to you, if you get a higher calling, don't get frustrated about it because not all people will receive a higher calling like what you received, you just need to enjoy the process and surrender the result to God, hopefully after you read this article, your life will be more meaningful than before.