Suffering is a gift, in it is hidden mercy

Suffering is just temporary, but regret is forever, remember your choice

          Hi smart people, howdy? I hope you always have good day, today I would like to share about the topic “suffering is a gift, in it is hidden mercy”, the meaning of that statement; every attempt we make in this life is part of learning process, during we are taking learning process, we need some big effort, time and physical, every sacrifice will born a sense of suffer, at this point we must understand; suffering is kind of God grace that He designs something special for our existence and we will be requested by God to undergo the life test such as every mistake, every humiliation, every failure, every setback, every rejection, every betrayal, every brokenhearted are part of God’s mercy, those uncomfortable test are given to human being in order to create new life’s impact to human’s future, remember this note; we will never pass to the higher class when we don’t pass the test, it’s same thing like studying at school, we will never get good grade when we don’t learn how to make preparation for the test, if we aren’t tested yet, God worries our capacity is not enough to sustain the God’s unlimited wealth, that’s why every human’s capacity needs to be tested, suffering is not part of punishment, it’s part of God’s mercy, so if we don't get God's mercy, we will become in our prisoners of mind, if we don’t suffer enough about life, our lives is worthless, if there is no real change, we just stay in comfort.
If you think and prioritize about future, your suffering will end today

          All we need to do when we get suffering is increasing self-knowledge, taking higher responsibility, enjoy the process, stop blaming others or the circumstance, stop whining about the weaknesses, sometimes all suffering can turn into motivation when we undergo the test immediately, if we don't get serious about life challenge, the circumstance will change us, remember this; when we get suffering, we will get a new lesson from God’s wisdom, if we don’t get suffering, we don’t get God’s mercy, when we lose opportunity to get God’s mercy, there is no way out to end suffering from life, except we take the suffering test through hardworking, practice our skill every day, learning from mistake, make research to correct our ignorance, validate ideas into marketplace’s rejection, take a chance professionally, think outside the box, do something what you feel passionate about, and many other things, remember this note; just because we are doing a lot more today doesn’t mean we are getting a lot more done, means, Let God will finish the rest of what we have finished, we are not entitled to interfere about God’s ending decision, all we can do as human is praising what God graces something to us, maximize our potential, be curious about life wisdom and we behave patience as long as we make a proposal to God, that's my explanation about Suffering, hopefully you get something useful after you read this article.


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