The world is changed by example, not by opinion

Hi guys, howdy? I hope you always have good day, today I would like to share how to change the world by giving an example, not showing personal opinion, the main reason why I choose that topic because many people are eager to change the world by expressing their opinion to the public, or social media, they are showing criticism and they are doing some unproductive things, so at this moment, let me share to you about several steps how to change the world with the actual examples, here is the first thing you need to do if you want to change the world is involve Almighty God within your activity that you want to keep doing for long period of time, then being contributor by leaving good legacy, when you have a faith with God’s plan, you shouldn’t doubt a bit regarding what you are doing because every time you do is going to attract God's blessing, here is the second thing you need to do if you want to change the world is be curious about the outer world’s problem, try to solve one of the big pressing problem where most people often experienced it,  if you have this kind of habit, your skill and knowledge will increase automatically because you invest everything you have within your time, such as, developing your talent, behave integrity, enriching your knowledge, embrace the risk, etc.

Here is the third thing you need to do if you want to change the world is don’t trust your old memory and keep enriching your knowledge every day, sometimes we don't realize that the biggest enemy we face every day is not against competitor’s skill, but our biggest enemy lies into our ignorance, satisfaction and expectation, sometimes our ignorance, expectation and satisfaction have blocked our vision during we develop our skill, no matter how hard the situation we experienced with, we must forget the past because the past moment can't be exchanged with the future's momentthe main reason why we need to against our ignorance, our expectation and our satisfaction because they can influence our mind to fear something new and protect our brain memory to reject new lesson that we have never got it before, there is only one way to break the biggest enemy's power is marrying with the future and divorce with our past, if this ritual will happen in our habit, we are reborn every day because we break our old mindset in order to develop the power of ingenuity, dignity, integrity, creativity, vision and passion, remember this; the future will never happen in our time zone when we will never do something we never did before, it’s law, are you ever curious why the nature is so powerful, magnificent during giving a service and showing good performance because the nature becomes a lifetime learner every day, they improve their capacity every day, they dedicate to do something every day, they commit to do something every day, they do consistently every day without hoping any reward from the receivers.

When we obsess about the natural law, we don’t have any time to blame others, or criticize other people’s weaknesses because our mission and vision is very clear, all we need to do every day is enriching our mindset by entering at the learning zone where it teaches us how not to fear about the unexpected problem, how to learn from feedback besides that, a learning zone can teach us how to have ability to endure a mental pressure pain, not to fear about failure, or not to fear about rejection, I just want to remind again that keep training with new plan is better than doing something without any planwe can’t create a better world without developing self-improvement first, it’s natural law, let the world rewards you something you never expect and let other people feel inspired with our legacy, hopefully after you read this article, you can visualize something useful and become a good model to anybody.