These unproductive habits that cause people lack of self esteem

          Hi smart people, howdy? I hope you always have good day, today I would like to share about several unproductive habits cause people lack of self-esteem, the main reason why I choose that topic because many people don't know how to utilize self-esteem for good purpose, as a result, they unwittingly do something unproductively, at this moment, I would like to share the bad habits that cause people can’t possess high self-esteem during building career; here is the first unproductive habit causes people lack of self-esteem; giving up easily when there is unwanted problem, when you experienced with it, means, you lack of training, giving up is not good option because it's kind of escape from responsibility, it's not good habit, the problem why people are giving up easily because they always consider future is going to end up like yesterday, all you need to do if you feel no hope is stay focusing on what you can finish and stop worrying about what you can’t finish, if you still feel no hope, you need to stay for a while and concentrate about something that you can finish it immediately, if you don’t stay to finish what you can do, you will lose something meaningful and you will lose your dignity because you are consistently neglecting something that you should do, imagine that your life purpose is like the mansion, you can’t live within the mansion before you finish the mansion’s construction, if you give up easily, you will never live in the mansion, please train your mind to think about it and forget about your past experience, let the past in the past.

          Here is the second unproductive habit causes people lack of self-esteem; comparing yourself negatively to others, if you ever experienced, you shouldn’t compare what you can’t do with other people’s capacity, or you compare what other people can do with your own capacity, human being is a unique creature, everybody has own right how to do and how not to do, we shouldn’t compare even if we can do so much rather than common people, if we do that, we probably insult our value, we should become a contributor and share what we can know to other people who know nothing about their own purpose, Here is the third unproductive habit causes people lack of self-esteem; letting a sense of fear stops you from learningeverybody has fear, but it depends on what we use, whether fear can be turned into motivation or it can immobilize our action, fear is not part of punishment, but it is part of self-protection, everybody has own shield or self-protector, we should utilize that shield to defend our desire from negativity, not to stay inside within shield and waiting the miracle, life doesn’t work when we just wait the miracle, life is like the automation machine, when we input some efforts, it is going to work for us automatically, when we input our fear to life, so life will bring back a greater fearfulness to us, hopefully you get something useful after you read this article.

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