You are the CEO of your life

        Hi smart people, howdy? I hope you always have good day, today I would like to share the topic about “how to become the CEO of your life”, the main reason why I choose that topic because not all human want to endure own responsibility and they consider the life system is cruel and unfair, in fact, every responsibility is used to control what we can do in the present and we don't control what we can't do in the few days later, every responsibility draws the human's moral duty, if people are not serious to train their mindset and their skills to provide a service to other people's need, soon they will lose dignity, confidence, reputation and integrity, that's CEO of lifetime job, every human must become CEO if they want to be a captain of their soul, if they don't make it happen, they will become a life victim where there is no bright future inside of it, remember; don't be afraid by taking new responsibility, be fearful when you are having impotent ability, everything in this life needs competition, taking responsibility is like having the fabulous freewill to do something in the restricted time, in that area we can choose whether we want to build something or we want to destroy something, that's moral duty.

        I am sure there is nobody wants to destroy something in any career or job, but unfortunately most of them don't have a sense of urgency to promote their hidden potential to the reality world, so what they do in reality doesn't much better than what they did in the past, so everything they do in reality will end in regression because they always do what they know and they don't try something different, in that case, their mental age will be undeveloped because they are not willingly to optimize their potential to do like what CEO learns, if you learn a bit about CEO's habit, they don't do something what most people do, they just commit to do something what most people fear to do it, no wonder every CEO at company feel so positive, confident and feel gratitude because they do while other people underestimate what they can do in the future, as normal human being who don't know anything about future, we must beware about what we pretend to be because everything we receive from this life coming from what we pretend to be, please imagine that your life is like the company, you can't stay linger in one grade in ten years without upgrading your skill or resources you have.

        Remember this; everything in this life will be decayed if we lack of use, whether we use our time or not, it will be decayed, whether we use our physical strength or not, it will be decayed, as CEO of your own life, you must give a design of your life by contributing something valuable to others, you can't reach your destiny without making a good legacy to others, as CEO of your life, you must dedicate to something that you love to do, make sure what you love is offering some solutions to other people, as CEO, you must take care of your reputation and integrity because everything happens in your life based on what you contribute, you are holding your own company, whatever the risk may come, you can't escape from it, all you need to do is find solution by making research and enrich your own knowledge, as CEO of your life, you need to prepare something fail in the long term plan because to reduce any huge risk in reality life, and train our mind to possess a high pain tolerancethere is no comfort when there is growing process and there is no new change when there is no new habit, don't forget, as CEO of your life, you hire good character to increase your value, you work with joy, not for necessity then you fire yourself when you get failure and setback.



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