Your life isn’t yours if you constantly care what others think

Hi guys, howdy? I hope you always have good day, today I would like to share how to design our own lives journey by living through it with responsibility, not to care about what other people think and we keep working on the root because we need to exchange between the success we have in the future with the cost of learning and the cost of failure we had made in the past, that's main reason why I choose that topic, in order to keep the inner world peace, we need to develop our life foundation first by developing integrity, dream, faith, flexibility, discipline, passion, enthusiasm, curiosity, determination, courage, the pain tolerance, ingenuity, honesty, persistent, consistency and sincerity, so we must be ready when there is unwelcome problem will come to our time zone because everybody will get hurt unknowingly, the pain can be developed by negative criticism, toxic friend circle, higher expectation, slender, bad habit, and many other things, we must improve our lives track before we run our lives to the future, remember this; life is like a cart, wherever you go, you will ride on it, then you bring up your provision within your cart, don't let you lack of provision while you want to go by far such as pursuing the dream, you need to fuel your cart  every day with passion, productivity and enthusiasm, without fueling your life with it, your life will be stuck between the rock and a hard place.

Now you can ponder for moment why so many people can't live happily with their lives design because they just do something in low standard and they are too concern about what other people think, remember this note; if people just do something daily without living through with passion, productivity and enthusiasm, people tend to blame other people when there is serious problem and also people will criticize something bad when they can't do something better, in my opinion; those are the roots of the problem where bad habit is born, now I understand why not many people are willing to develop their lives journey because they too enjoy with other people's story and they too concern about what people think, as normal human being, we shouldn't attach too close with other people's lives because everybody has different life journey, "the more we rely on other people's help, the less productivity we can make", we should develop and train our mindset first rather than we train for skill because physical body will follow what we want to do when we can train our mind, the good mindset comes from the daily ritual, belief , productivity, talent, good habit and environment, the first thing we should prepare when we want to create better life besides develop our mindset is being contributor, then asking to ourselves "what are we going to add up in this life?".
Everybody has been granted by God with the different gift, then gift will not appear in reality when there is nobody who has willingness to grow what God disposes to human being, life will be handed down to anyone who knows how to create a clear purpose and how to endure responsibility, remember this note; without having a clear purpose and responsibility, we tend to be follower, not to be creator, the only way we need to do is keep working on the root of problem we have, not working on other people's dream, unfortunately what I see about people’s career in the daily life, they spend their time by waiting a luck than creating their own luck, no wonder they can't earn more than they should get because they don’t work how to work on the root of problem, instead they just enjoy how to pick up the outcome from other people's success, remember this note; “when we don’t plan to fail, definitely we fail to plan something big”, means, when we don’t work on the root of problem, we will never live fully with our own lives design and we always become a follower, not leader or creator, when we keep this habit over and over again, we always live within our shadow of fear, not living with new future.