5 steps to take how achieve your goals

          Hi smart people, howdy? I hope you always have good day, today I would like to share about 5 steps to take how achieve your goals, the main reason why I choose that topic because not many people are willing to achieve their goals and they think their goals are impossible and unreachable, at this moment let me share to you about 5 steps to take how achieve your goals, here is the first step how achieve your goal; write down your goal specifically, means, whatever the goal you write it on the paper, make sure you will learn how to keep persistent, besides that, you need to commit about what you do daily because goal is like the building construction, you must have sense of urgency to do it, when you don’t have the power of urgency, your desire will it’s power, you can’t rely on other people’s responsibility continuously when you have goal, no matter how tough your life journey, you must do something 1% better than most people don't do, here is the second step how achieve your goal; make a critical question for yourself such as “why do you want to achieve your goal?, means you must be extreme obsess with your goal, make sure you are interested with it, you can’t go anywhere except you must stay and finish something till the goal really shows up, here is the third step how achieve your goal; find your strength within yourself and match it with your goal, means, you need to build self-discipline, find some valuable information which related with your own interest, make it as stepping stone to support your goal.

          Here is the fourth step how achieve your goal; detect which reference is making your goal harder, means, you need to find as many as good reference or information related to what’s factor making your goal harder to be achieved, you must find the root of problem which prevents you to achieve your goal, I know it isn’t easy to find it but you must find out as soon as possible, every higher goal will demand higher of you, don’t be afraid when you think your goal is higher, it sounds good, if your goal doesn’t change your capacity, you really get trouble with your own life, I just remind you about the life’s quote;  life is a zoo within jungle, means every difficult will help you to create a better quality of you, if your goal doesn’t change your habit or goal doesn’t change the significant value of yours, you will be retarded person, don’t be afraid to try something we never did before because as human, our brain can't be set to know something about the future, so we don’t have any clue how to solve the life riddle except we keep trying until we are not afraid to make mistake and show our best performance on it, here is the fifth how achieve your goal; prepare new skill that you will use it as a bait for greeting a new opportunity, means prepare your preparation  such as practice new skill, observe your mistake, demand yourself to do something more and sharpen your vision, without any vision, you are unable to see a new hope, I think that’s my explanation about 5 steps how achieve your goal, hopefully you can get something useful after your read this article.


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