7 tips you need to know how to master self-discipline

         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about topic “7 tips you need to know how to master self-discipline”, the main reason why I choose that topic because this lesson can help everyone to design about their own future, at this time, let me share something about 7 tips you need to know how to master self-discipline, hopefully you can apply this strategy to your daily routine, here is the first tip how to master self-discipline; determine what goals to set, when you apply this strategy to your daily routine, you always get self-motivated because your passion, your enthusiasm and your creativity are sticking together, let them support you, so make sure whatever you do now is making you approached to the goal, here is the second tip how to master self-discipline; breakdown your ultimate goal, means, you need to dissect your long term plan by finishing a short term goal every day, you have to love with progress rather than love with big result, if you appreciate about progress, you will not get afraid with failure because every time you do in daily is progress, here is the advantage if you focus on the progress; your passion will find you wherever you are and you will not lose your biggest value because your passion will guide you to appreciate about your strength.

         Here is the third tip how to master self-discipline; create a daily plan to achieve your goal, at this step, you are not allowed to finish another target until you finish your top priority plan, if we have a big dream without fulfilling the daily plan, dream is just a sleeping dream, so we need to turn your self-awareness into purpose-oriented, Here is the fourth tip how to master self-discipline; eliminate distractions and temptation, if your focus gets distracted with many temptations, so you need to alert yourself by staying away from the source of troublemaker, Here is the fifth tip how to master self-discipline; keep track of your progress, means, you need to record whatever progress you have finished, you need to monitor your goal every day, starting from you wake up in the morning until you get back to sleep at night, this ritual will help you to focus on your progress and strengthen your good habit, Here is the sixth tip how to master self-discipline; find role model who can inspire you,  means, you need to keep communicated with the role model you admire, make sure you learn from their successful habit and learn from their greatest mistake.

       Here is the seventh tip how to master self-discipline; breaking had habit, this phase is most important thing, you need to take care for your habit, having goal without having good habit is like sailing in the sea but still don't know how to get back in the shore, we can’t continue our dream when we still have bad habit, remember this note; bad habit is trying to disconnect between what you want to do daily and what you become in the future, you need to practice with new habit at least 21 days constantly, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.


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