Don’t practice until you get it right, practice until you can’t get it wrong

         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about topic “don’t practice until you get it right, but practice until you can’t get it wrong” the meaning of that statement is, human's capacity can't be perfect because the human's capacity is auto-suggestion and human's capacity is restricted by time, human need to practice if they don't want their capacity will be stolen away by time,  we will never get right until the reality sets in what we choose is rightas normal human being who don’t know about the future, we will never be right in the eye of Almighty God because every day there must be new thing happens and we can't learn them all, the only thing we can do as human is keep practicing only, now let me share several reason why we need to practice every day; here is the first reason why we need to practice; if we don’t practice our major skill, we will lose the power of momentum, means, our skills will lack the power of retention if we don't use it anymore, if we lose the power of retention, we will lose a sense of urgency, if this condition keeps going on, it will affect our confidence level, when we don’t have enough confidence, automatically we can’t sell our productivity to the market place or the service center area, before the circumstance will change our significant value, we must increase the power of momentum to optimize our brain memory, remember this note; our confidence level depends on our preparation, a good preparation comes from self-discipline, self-awareness and unrelenting faith, when we don't combine them to work, we will lose our confidence.

Don’t let the circumstance will change our lives entirely, just because we are too complacent with something we receive daily doesn’t mean we will get what our soul wants, remember this note; what our soul needs in this life is not kind of the worldly stuff or the expensive stuff, but our soul needs a life challenge, truth, and God’s wisdom, we must prioritize to do what our soul wants, not what we need for pleasure, when we don’t dare to make preparation, our soul can’t work well because it can’t recognize between the wrong thing or the correct one, as human, we can’t make opportunity, we only have the power of choice to offer something where it is not created before, when we don’t make preparation to welcome opportunity, our resources are not ready to be used up, finally we plan to fail entirely, when we don’t practice our resources, such as physical, mind, heart to work, we will be neglected by talent, wisdom, prosperity, we must beware about what we have chosen because it will shape our future, Don’t let our source of happiness can be exchanged easily with promising result, or money or authority because our happiness can’t be found in there, happiness can be developed when we do soul searching and we feed our soul with truth, determination, difficulty, God's wisdom and progress, the main reason why we need to practice every day because it can protect our daily habit from any deviant behavior, remember this note; our greatest assets are time, curiosity, physical and habit, when we misuse them, we will lose the power of retention, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your daily life, good luck.