Love doesn’t dominate, it cultivates

          Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about topic “love doesn’t dominate, it cultivates”, the meaning of that statement is love doesn’t teach people how to magnify their dignity, instead love teaches how human can cultivate their daily behavior to the right thing, not obsessing by taking what other people have, the main reason why I choose that topic because recently many couples are quarreled with the serious problem and they decide to break up their relationship rather than thinking rationally, it’s sadly, in my opinion, they forget how to commit with the relationship's consequence, remember this note; the problem shouldn’t become problem when they sit together with calm minded and openness, if they are trying to consider problem as the trigger how to blame each other, they can become enemy into each other, at this moment let me share to you what to do with the power of love and how to use it, here is the first strategy how to use the power of love; use your power of love to what you choose and accept with the reality, means, we shouldn’t try to reject the reality and accept the consequence from what we choose because it's part of life game, we can’t put our love to the job or career when we reject feedback from the fact, sometimes we need to pretend to be stupid when we use the power of love because it can reduce the human’s egoism.  

 The human’s egoism comes from neglecting of big attention, if we pretend to be smarter than other people, our conscious mind will reject other people's love because we are showing smart towards them, showing off the skill to the weaker people is kind of rejecting the truth, the more we reject the truth, the more we reject love, now you can learn why many couples decide to break up the relationship after they get along together for so long because they show their smart into each other, not trying to persuade one each other with warmest response, when smart dominates someone’s attitude, it will create egoism and finally a sense of egoism always rejects other people's love, we need to keep balance between what we love and what we feel about other people’s feeling, if we can succeed to keep balance it, we can reduce our sense of egoism, maybe we can be proud by giving something useful to someone else without loving, but we can never love someone without giving what we have, so love is part of giving, when other people don’t love us, means, they don’t deserve a trust from what we yield.

Giving is the important thing to create a different result in the future, here is the second strategy how to use the power of love; don’t expect any reward from what we give to others, if we claim our love is good for everyone but we still expect any reward from everyone, means we fail to activate the power of love, if we want to activate the power of love, we must accustom ourselves by giving a good service to others without asking the payment first, that's criteria how to resurrect the power of love, remember this; the nature is God's shadow, when you cultivate your kindness by giving something good to other people's lives, I am sure you will be chased by luck and opportunity, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your daily life, good luck.