The people you need in your life

          Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about topic “the people you need in your life", the main reason why I choose that topic because many people are trapped in a toxic relationship and they suffered in the rest of their lives, at this moment let me share something to you about kind of people’s character you need in your life, hopefully it can improve your relationship development, here is the first of people’s character you need in your life; the cheerleader, if you meet with this people’s character, don’t leave them behind and start to appreciate about their existence because they will be ready to support what you need and also they can give a constructive criticism in what you are doing in your career, here is the second of people’s character you need in your life; the pusher, the meaning of the pusher is not kind of good mood energy drainer, but this character is kind of motivator, people whose this character, they will question about your future plan, they will remind you once you forget about your commitment, it’s nice character, hopefully you can get along together with this type of people character.

         Here is the third of people’s character you need in your life; the loyal confidant, if you need this kind of person, don’t find people in crowded place, but you must ensure your preparation is ready to be used up, you can promote your skill in public and let the right person will find you, the loyal confidant will find you when they think you are one of the most valuable person that they are waiting for, you must provide the resource that the loyal confidant needs it so much, so they will give back something you deserve it, Here is the fourth of people’s character you need in your life; the mentor, if you need mentor, make sure you can recognize your vision and your life purpose, let the mentor knows your capacity after you can share your vision or life purpose, don't just share either your weakness point and your strength point, if you find the mentor, you can observe about the mentor’s failure experience, not just seeing the mentor’s achievement, when you can learn the failures experience from other people's lives, you will meet with the giver's most precious lesson, Here is the fifth of people’s character you need in your life; the energizer, means, this kind of character can’t be found easily because people whose this kind of character usually go to the community that they believe can give a good influence for as many as people, you need to make a closer with them when you want to get inspired from their amazing positive energy, hopefully you can apply these strategies in your daily life, good luck.