What is important in life is life, not result of life

Nature is the shadows of God's character

           Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about topic “what’s important in life is life, not result of life”, the main reason why I choose that topic because this skill will help people to improve their mental health, at this moment let me share something to you about what is important in life, here is the first sign that life is considered as important clue for life; life is working for progress, not working an instant, means, every great thing in life will not happen in one time, but it takes the repeating process until it shapes a new generation, if people don’t appreciate about the progress, means they don’t learn a new thing, remember this note; when there is no progress, there is no new result, when there is no new result, the process will be returned to the regression, the main reason why life is not talking about end result because life itself is designed to give a lesson to every creature, if people prefer to talk about reward rather than talk about process, means, they don’t appreciate with life’s lesson, if people don’t learn about the life’s lesson, human will lose their survival skill where that skill will help human how to fight the life’s challenge and problem, If people don’t use their resources such as knowledge, faith and passion to the right thing, their creativity is going to die because people don’t want to optimize their resources to welcome the life’s lesson.

Here is the second sign that life is considered as important clue for life ; “lack of use causes loss, means, if the universe doesn’t optimize their potential or don’t dedicate with their job, every creature’s life should be dead because life doesn’t optimize the power of use, that’s why the universe is working for 24 hours in order to supply every creature’s life needs, we can look at water, fire, wind, sand, oxygen, soil, etc. they keep working in respective area and they never give up with their responsibility, now we can imagine, if the nature gives up entirely, every creature should be dead soon, now as human being, we should learn from the nature’s character if we want to make a better life every day, here is the third sign that life is considered as important clue for life ; life is working as time counts, means time will count in every process, as long as there is time, there is hope, "when there is hope, there is consequences, when there is consequence, there must be suffering inside of it, if there is no suffering, there is no hard working, when there is no hard working, there is no progress at all", remember this note; only desperate creature will die soon because they reject reality, so starting today, don't fear to take risk, but be fearful if you don't try to do something, I think that's enough my explanation, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your daily life, good luck.   


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