Why people give up

          Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about topic “why people give up, at this moment let me share something to you about the sign of people start to give up, here is the first sign why people give up; expect fast result, means, every time people want to start something, they want to get the result as soon as possible, this people’s character have no survival skill at all because they just demand a fast result, besides that, they don’t demand about how to create a sense of urgency for making different result in the future, remember this note; the faster they expect about the end result, the more disappointment they will endure, the conclusion; we can’t demand the time to start faster than what we insist, we are just asked by time to do something what we can finish, just because we do a lot more, it's getting more done, sometimes we need to let time finishes for the rest of our jobhere is the second sign why people give up; stop believing about something they can do, this habit will make other people stop evolving their mental age, if we experience with this situation, all we need to do is stay curious about the life’s riddle and do soul searching in order to resist giving up, Here is the third sign why people give up; get stuck in the past, if you ever experienced with the past moment, all you need to do is making a new habit or add some rituals which making you done more productive, neglect your satisfaction zone and practice what you will never tried before.

Here is the fourth sign why people give up; resist to change, means, people don’t want to adapt with new circumstance because they are too complacent by what they do daily, it’s bad habit, the main reason why we need to change ourselves because life always offers a new challenge, if we don’t study, life will make some troubles to us until we are willing to change, Here is the fifth sign why people give up; overwork, means, people will spend 8 hours until 12 hours to stay working, sometimes this habit will lock the human’s creativity and this habit will create distress when people try something new, if this habit is repeated over and over again, people will think “hardworking must stay dedicated with a job’s tight schedule”, this philosophy is not good for every human's generation because this habit will stop people how to see any opportunity, remember this philosophy if you want to change your future; hardworking doesn’t relate with job’s tight schedule but hardworking should be aligned with a sense of curiosity, stay innovative and meaningful to many people’s lives, I think that's enough my explanation, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your daily life, good luck.   


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