5 steps to attract more money with sensible way

         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about topic “5 steps to attract more money”, the main reason why I choose that topic because money can’t help people to reduce problem, instead, money will increase their stress in long period of time, at this moment let me share something to you about several steps how to attract more money with sensible way, hopefully you are interested with this method and you can apply it in your daily life, here is the first step to attract more money with sensible way; having credibility, means, you have ability to make other people believe about what you do for them, this character is one of invaluable resources, if you don't possess this character, you are not allowed to expect more respect, reputation, promotion and recognition, remember this; without having enough credibility within us, our product or our service are no longer needed by other people, no matter how good product or good service we have, credibility defines our personal branding in the market place, we shouldn’t underestimate this characteristic because credibility will define which direction we are going in the future, if our future is bleak and there is no sign of bright future, means, we don’t have credibility to be used by other people, here is the phrase you need to remember; “there is no trust, there is no sale”.

      Here is the second step to attract more money with sensible way; building an emotional attachment, means, we must spread our power of love to anybody by giving a help to many people, if other people can see our worth, means the market place will buy something from our service through their emotional attachment, but if the market place can’t see our worth, means they will not buy something from our service through their emotional attachment, remember this; people buy for not logical reason, but through their emotional attachment, besides that, the human's value are born to be tied in every single human on earth, means, we are social creature and each of us need a help from other people's experience, we must use our emotional intelligence and provide a better world to other people if we want to get more money, the fastest vibration how to get more money is by doing a charity, the more we share something good to others, the universe will fill in void from what we give to others, life is working mysteriously, so we don’t need to know how the life system works, we are just being asked by the universe to do what possible to be done by us, my opinion; giving is the beginning process to attract more wealth and prosperity, here is the third step to attract more money with sensible way; making good impact to people’s lives, means, the beginning process of making good impact is having good reputation, once we enlighten other people's lives through our good impact, we will receive good reputation from them, the more people know our good reputation, the more they will give us recognition, here is the additional note; the more we set recognition as our personal branding, the more we get a chance to get more money in our career.
Remember this note; money is interested to human who have made a good influence because money is blind and deaf, money needs the guiders and money will find its way if there is transaction between the human's value and emotional attachment, here is the fourth step to attract more money with sensible way; illustrating your capabilities, means, money will come to human who know how money works and know how to multiple it, money will lend its power to human once money can feel sense of good capabilities and good mentality from human's resources, Here is the fifth step to attract more money with sensible way; increasing your productivity, means, money will not come if there is no productivity because every productivity will create a momentum to pull the money's vibration, make sure you practice your special skill until money can recognize your vibration energy, here is the rule; if there is no productivity, there is no progress, if there is no progress, there is no learning, if there is no learning, there is no mistake, conclusion; money doesn’t lend its power to the desperate people who don’t want to increase their productivity, money loves to the good learner because good learner will fulfill what money really wants in reality, such as develop a good service, develop a communication skill, provide solution, ingenuity, etc. I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.