5 things men wish all women knew

         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about topic “5 things men wish all women knew”, the main reason why I choose that topic because many women blame many mistakes to men without giving a clear reason, in fact not all women understand what they really want, when women can’t clarify what they want to do, automatically women will start to put the mistake to their spouses and all men will start to complicating without knowing what men should fix, at this moment let me share something to you about 5 things men wish all women knew; here is the first wish from men to women; when men don’t want to talk, women shouldn’t take it as personally, sometimes many women misunderstand about the men’s silent signal, then women prefer to stay away from men and they will create a new territory where men are not allowed to enter it unless men can solve what women really want, remember; the toxic relationship is not caused by the lack of attention from spouse, it is caused by giving a poor judgment to spouse's capacity, I think the best choice to avoid the dangerous dispute in relationship is keeping silent and waiting the right moment to discuss together, many men tend to yield their wise decision because they don’t want to hurt their women’s feeling.

          Here is the second wish from men to women; we don’t have a good memory as you, please give us a hint if you want us to remember something, this occasion often happens in every relationship, some women think that every men has seer’s ability, in fact every men has limitation how to know the next moment, women shouldn’t misjudge about men’s capacity because everybody has limited capacity and weakness, remember this note; love needs respect, care, cultivation and acceptance, if women just want to be remembered without trying to understand what men want, men will start to get desperate and men will stay away from women because this bad condition will create disaster of life if men insist to make physical proximity with women, here is the third wish from men to women; we are single-minded, can only do one thing at a time, means, men prefer to do one thing until it is done rather than doing something several things in mixed up, but in the reality, women prefer to ask many requests to men until men don’t know how to finish top priority list, women request something based on feeling, not based on the reason, that’s problem that most women have, here is the fourth wish from men to women;  it’s not we that don’t know how to make you happy, it’s just sometimes we don’t know how to provide the happiness field, means, men often feel awkward when they receive challenge from women because men think women’s hope is too vague or unclear, so this condition will make men can’t feel happy, as a result, men often feel blamed when they try to fulfill women’s hope, I think women still don't know how to create happiness' field because women just depend on what they feel, not how to start of it.

       Here is the fifth wish from men to women; we lack of mind-reading ability, doesn’t mean we will act like nothing is wrong, means, every women hope that every men has ability to read women’s mind, it kind of impossible job and absurdity, sometimes men will sacrifice much effort how to please women without thinking about risk, that's men principle, but unfortunately this condition is not fair enough because many women don't appreciate about men's struggling, in addition, many women still don’t realize about men’s capacity, when men think there is no problem at all, women shouldn't consider it as problem, so women should consider it as special gift, it’s kind of complicated issue, hopefully women can understand about men’s dedication, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck. 


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