5 things successful people won’t do in their daily lives

         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about topic “5 things successful people won’t do in their daily lives”, the main reason why I choose that topic because many people are trapped in the desperate zone where they don't know to prepare for their future and they don’t know how to escape from that area, hopefully this topic will help you how to improve what you need to improve your fields, here is the first thing successful people won’t do in their daily lives; choose a short term goal, the reason why successful people don’t like to set short term goal because they know higher purpose really needs many requirements, deadline and long preparation, so successful people will set a long term goal in order to measure how far they can endure the mental pain and how fast they can upgrade their skills, maybe you have ever heard  the phrase“no pain, no gain”, that’s true, so if you want to get big success, create a long term goal at least 5 years from now, then you start illustrating your ideal life you want to build, here is my suggestion; set the deadline if necessary in order to know how consistent you are to your goal, don’t be afraid to choose a long term goal because that’s tactic what successful people do in daily routines.  

      Here is the second thing successful people won’t do in their daily lives; trust someone or something that appears flawless, means, successful people know that every human can’t be perfect at any time, successful people don't believe about perfect, but they believe about progress, only deceiver always give a sweet promise, here is the fact; human being can't create a new life without making failure first, remember this note; successful people don’t trust easily to other people's talk or don't trust something which it looks promising, the only thing we can do is observe the information from other people's talk and we prove it, that’s make a sense, if other people say “you can make great thing in overnight by following that method”, you directly say to yourself “I don’t trust them easily because great success will not happen in overnight”, don’t be tricked with delusion method, life doesn’t work such thing, here is the third thing successful people won’t do in their daily lives; focus on the small picture, means, successful people won’t lose focus by looking at the small picture because successful people know every small picture offers gratification, amount of money, party with friends, or easier thing, so don’t let it happens to you, you must have own dream, then you can start designing your dream into canvas or paper, let big picture inspire you and let it dangles into your head, so you will work on it until you can break your own false belief and leave your comfort zone.

      Here is the fourth thing successful people won’t do in their daily lives; neglect to unfinished goal, means, successful people will not stop until they finish every progress and finish the game’s rule, here is the risk if we don't finish the unfinished goal, it will terrify us and also it has made us not sleeping easily, make sure we manifest our dream into reality, here is fifth thing successful people won’t do in their daily lives; forget that inner life determines the outer result, means, successful people know that doubt and laziness always creep into their heart and their mind, it’s very disturbing, so successful people will use inner life or good feeling to follow the goal and take risk in order to forget their pain or suffering, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.