Great teacher offers a new lesson to student how to prepare for life's challenge

         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about topic “great teacher offers a new lesson to student how to prepare for life's challenge”, the main reason why I choose that topic because many students don’t know how to develop happiness through every compulsory subject they have learned at school, besides that many teachers just teach students how to remember the compulsory subject in the past and teachers don’t teach what students should know about reality, as a result, many students are losing their passion during young age and they start to be desperate when they can’t adapt how to face a problem in reality, now I understand why many students all over the world are afraid to face the failure because their mindset are designed to face the perfectionism about life and students haven’t been taught how to recognize their inborn skill during studying at school, here is my suggestion; the school's educational system should give student the creativity program once a week where every student can learn how to develop passion, creativity, ingenuity, besides that, teach every student how to appreciate about progress, how not to fear about failure and appreciate about long term process where it must be happened in reality.

We shouldn't teach students how to study the compulsory subject at school, but also we can teach students how to build the future through productive habit and new experience, don’t let every student have little time how to develop their power of curiosity, we must help them how to reveal their excitement about future, as I observed about the school's educational system, every student is prepared to write, dictate, remember and read only, but they are not prepared to learn about uncertain thing like an adventurer or traveler, besides that, every student is taught like the major player who plays role in the drama and they got rank after they succeed to perform well in the stage, as a result major students behave like drama queen, if they behave like what the drama queen does in reality life, they prepare themselves to be suicide, if the school system needs to be progressively updated, at least the school doesn't teach student how to fear about failure during learning process, but the school can teach student how to fear about their future, if every student doesn't fear about their own future, they will underestimate what they can do today, don't let it happens to our next generation because life will punish them with the painful experience, furthermore they will got the mental illness because they don't know how to survive in the life's battle.

Remember this note; life is not just passing of the time, but life is collecting a new experience in every single day, we are not always getting enough provision from the family forever, we must do something valuable as if we were standing in the last journey on earth, that’s key how to build a bright future, as long as we don’t take serious action to do something today, we plan to fail catching good opportunity in the future, we mustn’t break the chain of time length by giving up in the battle, we must work on our timelines and let the universe will do something for what we invest on our timelines, in order to live peacefully, we must suffer to live, if we don't, we let our peace goes away, but if we want to survive on earth, we must find some meaning in the sufferingwe don’t know what’s going on in the future, we are just being asked by the future to prepare something valuable, especially improving our skills, improving our strength of character, planning something ahead and improving our mindset, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.