How do I know if my pain system over protective?

         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about topic “how do I know if my pain system over protective?” the main reason why I choose that topic because every human has ever tasted the mental pain, in this article there are some points that I would tell you about the human’s pain system, it’s divided by two system; the first pain system; protector, the second pain system; survivor, some people think the pain system is kind of stress, but it totally wrong, the pain is designed to make human stronger than before, stress is not coming from the overloaded with work, stress is produced by inability to adapt with new challenge and inability to bear with progress, if you meet with the type of person who has profit-oriented character, his pain system will turn into over protective because they don't want to break their pain system, you must know how to endure the body’s pain from the tough experience, if you don't know how to strengthen your body and mental from the pain system, you will lose your worthiness, here is for your note; the mental pain system is not designed to make human feel stressed or depressed, but the mental pain system is designed to prevent the human mental capacity from its reduction, I think discipline is the biggest factor how to strengthen the human's brain and body, the main reason why we need to embrace with self-discipline because it can become a fortress to defend us from the overprotective pain system, here is the first major cause why the brain’s pain system is being over protective; you don’t feed your brain memory with painful experience.

          Here is the second major cause why the brain’s pain system is being over protective; you lack of self-demand, means, you only ask other people to serve you better and you are too complacent with your current standard, remember this note; if you lack of self-demand, your potential will be decreased by itself and you will become perfectionist, I just want to remind you that having sense of perfectionism will not develop your happiness, instead, it will create self-destruction to your inventory such as creativity, passion, love, ingenuity, faith, vitality, courage, sincerity, honesty, decisiveness, etc. if you really want your brain pain system is being less protective, you need to increase your standard regularly until your skill can create self-defense and it has ability to help you to survive during you are fighting with the uncertain hope and insurmountable problem, here is the third major cause why the brain’s pain system is being over protective; you lack of independence skill and your life experience is immature and fragile, means, you don’t feel bold enough to fill in your life experience with the unexpected lesson, if you intend to reject a new lesson, your brain system is being over protective automatically, you must be careful with this kind of system because it can kill your potential constantly, here is the fourth major cause why the brain’s pain system is being over protective; you are skeptical about chance of winning and you lack of failure, means, you are too afraid to invest more value to yourself, here is the reason why we need to add more failure in our life experience because it can create precaution act from life crisis, if we brave enough to feed our brain system with painful experience daily, our skills will be pursued by prosperity and longevity happiness, that’s requirement, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck. 


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