Let the universe be with you

         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about topic “let the universe be with you” the meaning of that topic is we shouldn’t doubt about what universe can do for us, do you know why we shouldn’t doubt about the universe's rule? Because everything in this universe's rule has been directed to give a lesson to human how to learn about the blessing, we must use this life as a tool how to create a better future and not making any destruction on earth, some people think that life is offering the full of excitement and some people say life is offering the school system how to get us better, what is the major purpose of God’s creation?, basically the purpose of God's creation is making something living from rebirth, in order to fulfill the creation process, every creature must undergo the life's test, this section really hurts to human being, do you know why? because people will hate it very much with the life's test, if people say a life is kind of place which is offering a suffering because they don’t want to learn about the essential of living, remember this note; life is not designed to be the most comfortable place, but life is designed to be the place where it offers reward and punishment, so human must plan something and go to work on earth if they want to survive and win in the game of life, here is the game’s rule, “whoever succeeds to fight the suffering test, human deserves the reward and whoever fails to fight the suffering test, human deserves the punishment” here are the example of punishment in this life which are offered to human being; desperate, fear, doubt, laziness, poor mindset, regret, coward, cruel, disappointment, insecure, furious, etc. 

The failure attempt, rejection, adversity, delay, setback are kind of suffering test in this life, those bad things aren’t designed to destroy human’s future life, all suffering test are designed to know who will succeed to pass the test and who will fail the test, here is the key; whoever tries against the universe’s law, they will feel not good, so human must be living accordance with the universe’s law if they want to get blessing, if people start to blame mistake to others, means they reject the blessing, if people start to complain the imperfect condition, means they reject the blessing, if people are not happy because they don’t want to accept all blessings, we must beware about the life's riddle because everything in this life is blessing, life is not charging human by doing something beyond their endurance, but life only insists human to find some meaning from suffering or the painful experience, before we are born on earth, we are being granted with two kind of unlimited wealth from God; the first thing is freewill, the second thing is imagination, there is no other creatures in this life have been granted such what human have, but the major problem where it is going to happen now is human still don’t know how to utilize their unlimited wealth through the suffering test?, if human want to get answer, they must undergo the suffering test until they die, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.