The art of knowing is knowing what to ignore

         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about topic “the art of knowing is knowing what to ignore”, the meaning of that topic; if we want to know something about the truth, we must select about all information we get from the source of information and we must dare to ignore what is unimportant, do you know why we must do such thing because every quality of mind depends on the quality of information we accept, the main reason why we need to select the information because it will influence our future, including our habit, attitude and thought, our brain is like the mental factory, so we must ensure all information we get is very suitable with our career and also it’s valuable to our future, the best moment we can’t repeat in the future is our young age, we must invest something valuable at young age unless we want to get the pain of regret forever, sometimes we need to sit down and try to contemplate about something we had done in the past moment before we do something in the future, here is the question we need to create if we want to get smarter and get wiser, “what kind of specific information we are going to accept and what kind of specific information we are going to ignore?”, remember this philosophy “every single day will never be the same if you do something different although it may look unimaginable, but if you do something the same like what most people do, as a result, your life is not going to evolve and finally you will live in the same standard like what most people have”.

Remember this note; we are not always getting something we wished, so we must know what to ignore and how to maximize our inborn gift, some people complain because they can’t get something they wished, the main problem is not coming from their wishing, but the problem is people don’t know how to ignore the information and they tend to accept all information from the source, here is for your note; the more we care about all information out there, the more we lose our major focus, sometimes we need to ignore something which it can’t add our knowledge or we need to ignore something which it can reduce our passion and enthusiasm, here is the key how to ignore all information; be curious about new skill that you haven't got in the future, do soul searching to fulfill what your soul needs and prepare your negative / emergency anticipation to hold back the upcoming information, if you have this kind of habit, you will not get deceived easily by the informant, here is the criteria about the valuable information; it will take increase your self-worth, confidence, you don't fear to take risk although it may get you suffered during learning process, don't forget about this philosophy "life is offering suffering and mental pain, if you learn from it, you will create your own future quicker than you study at school", I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.