The greatest remedy for anger is delay

         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about topic “the greatest remedy for anger is delay”, I am sure every human being in the world has ever got angry when they will feel something uncomfortable or something irritated, but unfortunately most people can't handle their anger because most people lack enough resources to hold the anger's assault, as I reviewed, some people hire the meditation practitioner’s service to help them how to reduce anger, some people distract their anger by going on picnic and some people blame other people in order to reduce anger, it's not good strategy, here is my advice; as long as we insist to increase our mental intelligence every single day by doing something which making our major resources get sucked, we will win from the battle, remember this note; the anger’s quality depends on how we see problem with perspective, the anger’s poor quality will let human feel down when they meet with insurmountable problem, here is the major key how to fight a sense of anger is we build an anger management by learning how to pause what we do towards something which causes anger arising, we can’t survive in this planet when we can't fight with anger, before anger blazes our inner peace, we must have ability to delay the anger's time, such as we distract our focus to another object which is making us fascinated, or we stay away from the source which causes anger got attached, e.g. we stay away from our own reputation, we stay away from rumor, we stay away from nonsense dispute, we stay away from the game where it is designed to hurt our inner feeling etc.

At this moment, let me share something to you how to endure anger’s pain, hopefully this principle can enrich your knowledge, here is the principle you need to learn; our belly needs some foods to survive, our soul needs the truth to survive, our mentality needs skill to survive, our spirituality needs wisdom to survive, please don't let our mentality, soul, spirituality will lack of resources, we need to feed them with resources such as problem, wisdom and adversity, if we don’t refill new resources earlier, our anger will be ready to kill our physical energy, kill our mental's health, kill our rationalism, kill our sensible idea at any time, so we must beware about what we think or what we feel about something ahead, here is another strategy how to endure anger’s pain; having ability to delay self-gratification is the key how to delay anger, the reason why I say such thing because an instant happiness will let people’s panic is increasing, once the panic is coming, the anger is coming as well, lack of experience in failure is probably one of the greatest cause why people don’t have mental intelligence to hold an anger, sometimes we need to taste failure in order to break our comfort zone, as long as we love to do something easier, we will never grow our mental age, maybe you may hear this wise word; an ease is the greater threat to progress than hardship, that’s signal we need to progress our preparation until we no longer being needed in this life, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck. 


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