The law of attraction grants our command

         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about topic “the law of attraction grants our command”, the main reason why I choose that topic above because the law of attraction is kind of a spiritual mechanism where it is designed to work with the human’s imagination and self-realization, there are several things how to delegate the law of attraction, now let me share something how to recognize the law of attraction properly, here is the first law of the law of attraction; whatever we think about someone, we shall become to what others think, means, we must beware about what other people think about us, not all people’s thinking can become a good for our thoughts, all we need to do when we want to think is using this critical question “how to make myself is ready for the future?” and “what kind of responsibility I will take?If we use one of those questions to question our capacity every day, we will get tremendous focus about what we are passionately, we will not lose the power of will once we claim our goal every day, we must create a new habit when we want to pursue our goal, we will never know how large our capacity until we keep working to our goal, our lives will be worthwhile when we stay committed to our goal.

the law of attraction is sign of creativity

Here is the second law of the law of attraction; when we think positively, we will be forced to pursue the challenge, means, we will not get something good from the positive thinking unless we have prepared many a negative anticipation for the future, sometimes life will not let us walking slowly because life will run faster than ours, we must be ready to accept failure when we don’t make enough preparation, that’s rule, the main reason why we shouldn’t fully believe with the power of positive thinking because it is not giving us a good reason, instead, the positive thinking will get us trapped in the red zone area where we can’t do anything good to escape, before we use the positive thinking, we must improve our perception to welcome an unwelcome guest such as adversity, rejection, betrayal, rumor, hater, etc. Here is the third law of the law of attraction; when we completely think negatively, we will get the bad influence and we will lack of hope or lack of enthusiasm, don't let a bad things will influence our consciousness, we need to protect our mindset as lifetime asset, what we need to do once we are facing the negativity is using the critical question to evoke our mind, here is the example of critical question“what do we do if we receive the negative thinking?”, the answer; we will use it once we don’t get the sign of a positive outlook, such as respect, kindness, care, trust, and many positive thing.

ingenuity, vitality, creativity, courage, patience are following your command

Here is the fourth law of the law of attraction; when our body feels unwell, tired, and unmotivated, our mind will start thinking how to survive it, this case also can be applied when we are willingly to build the future’s basic foundation, if we don't have dream, every day we will lack of enthusiasm and we don't dare to stay committed because we don't feel obsessed about the future’s life, here is the rule; the more we insist to pursue the clearest goal, the more we stay committed with the game’s plan, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck. 


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