These pains you feel are messengers, listen to them

         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about topic “these pains you feel are messengers, listen to them”, the meaning of that topic is we can’t live a better future without sticking together with mental pain and suffering, the reason why we must taste the pains in this life because life itself is not offering a good place to stay forever, life is the kind of zoo which it is surrounded by the jungle and we must survive in that area until we are passed away, can you imagine how to feel living in the jungle, you must be worry, desperate, stress and fear, that's the real life you will learn, you need to keep practicing every day with your inborn skill if you want to protect yourself from worry, regret, desperate, stress or fearremember this note; the pains in life are designed not to give you a sweet promises in the future, but the pains are designed to get you more focused how to make life works for you and serve you well.

      Showing the gratitude is one of method how to endure the pain in life, at this moment let me share something to you about several pains you need to stick with them and make sure you don’t go anywhere without attaching them to your habit, here is the first pain you need to stick together in your life; true faith, means everything you manifest your desire in reality is reflected to your  faith, you can’t turn your desire into reality except you practice your  faith daily and you work on your goal, remember this note; true faith needs fulfillment, practicing, knowledge, commitment, records, logic, witness and uninterrupted by human's capacity, those are requirements how to get a true faith from God, if you feel a true faith in your life purpose, means, you will be given Almighty God with love and it can't be manipulated by human's opinion or it can't be destroyed by human's authority, you can't get true faith from God if you let the world fulfills youyou are not allowed to use your true faith to believe something or someone without you're fulfilling those requirements above mentioned, if you can’t fulfill those requirements, you will not get a true faith, instead, life will make you regret in long term period, true faith can’t be equaled with expensive stuff, money or people’s opinion, true faith is like a great success, it can’t happen in overnight, it needs few years of tough preparation.

Here is the second pain you need stick together in your life: self-discipline, the main reason why you need to discipline because your vision needs something great from your inner self, without having self-discipline, you will lose the valuable thing in this life, don’t let it happens to your career, although you feel pain with self-discipline, that’s requirement how to build a life wisdom, longevity happiness, health, love and financial independence, applying self-discipline is not easy, but it’s simple, all you need to do is shift your own philosophy to your dream, you do something possible for you to finish in daily and alter your focus to long term goal where it is attracted for you, don't let the dream waits you, you just need to work on it, here is the third pain you need to stick together in your life; commitment and consistency, this character belongs to the natural’s law, it’s big challenge and it's the highest level of pain, if you can apply these characters into your habit, your career and your life journey are magnificent, furthermore your mental strength will not worry again about failure or setback because you follow the natural’s characters, let the universe works for you and you just need to work on your capacity, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.