We suffer more in imagination than in reality

         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about topic “we suffer more in imagination than in reality”, the meaning of that topic is "we will suffer when we are not ready to fill in something into the imagination area", our imagination can become our enemy when we fill something cruel, in addition, imagination can hurt anybody in reality when they just accept any information from other people without selecting it first, basically imagination is kind of place where it is designed to facilitate human to create something, we must beware about its power because it's intangible, before we fill in our imagination with new shape, we have to decorate our habit first, that's keythe main reason why we need to decorate our habit first because habit will determine how to create a good shape our imagination, good habit comes from good behavior, good experience and good ritual that we have repeated every day, if we haven’t got any of those things, as a result our imagination will kill our reality, here is the major cause why we will be suffering with our fearfulness because we lack of resourcefulness and we dump with bad memory where it had occurred in the past, here is additional note; don’t let our fear will gnaw our potential by imagining something we don’t really want and we should fear when we procrastinate how to optimize our potential, that's important.

Starting today, before we imagine about the bad thing, we must look at our preparation in reality first whether we are ready or not to make goal, if we lack of preparation, as a result we can imagine about a bad thing which harm our imagination's quality, don’t let it kill your potential, as I reviewed from psychologist scholars, they say about the cost of worrying, it is kind of virus where it will create the misleading ways to human's thinking, besides that, the cost of worrying can’t never be paid with anything worthy in this life, it will drain the human’s energy for meaningless purpose and also worrying will become greater threat to the human’s mental health than physical disease, here is my advice; don’t let a sense of worrying will manipulate your mind by doing something you don’t really want, don't let your imagination is empty and do unproductive thingyou must fight it by learning something which can develop your passion or major interest that you want to learn in long term of period, after you practice your imagination with your passion, you can use your imagination to absorb the useful resources such as knowledge, good reputation, self-worth, vitality, unwavering faith, tough experience, ingenuity, etc. If you want to excel your power of imagination for long period of time, you must demand yourself by doing something useful, not just doing easier thing, then you must dare to embrace problem where it can upgrade your vision, without having good vision, your imagination can't optimize its power.

Here is the rule; “good vision will create less worry, good experience will create less panic”, so we can’t optimize our vision as long as we hate about having many failures or many rejections, I think there is no failure as long as we practice, there is no right or wrong during practicing, we just need to change our perception by imagining better and let God works for the impossible thing, remember that imagination is one of the greatest resource where it can get us everywhere, we must attach it with good purpose, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck. 


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