Enjoy when you can, endure when you must

         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about “enjoy when you can, endure when you must” the meaning of that topic is when you can enjoy something, don’t try to compare between what your life manifests to you versus what people can’t do from what you enjoy, life is so crucial and serious, if you can't enjoy something simpler in your life, there is something wrong with your life mission, if you are obsessed about something higher than your capacity, so you need to endure higher responsibility to balance it, you can’t rely your mission into other’s plan and you must take the mission with you, if you want to enjoy something, do not just ask "what life can do for you", but you must demand by asking "what I can prepare for my future life".

        Whatever you want in life, you must know your capacity first, if there is no enough sustainable growth within you, your wants become disaster or nightmare, you would better having few wants rather than having much wants, here is the key for creating true happiness; the more you take something from this world without recognizing your capacity first, the less you have something from this world, the more you recognize your capacity, the more you take something valuable in this word, don’t try to play people’s game although they can earn a lot of money from their game, you must find your game because it will lead your own worthinessthe value of self-worth will determine what is your future look alike, self-confidence comes from applying few simple discipline every day.

       As I reviewed, the main reason why many people can’t enjoy their life because they are too complacent in their social circle, if people too concern about time, people will lose focus to the momentum, in my opinion; you shouldn’t concern so much about time, you should focus on how often you use your sense of gratitude to maximize your potential, if you don’t like to yourself, who else will replace your existence, you must love yourself like you put your love to your family or another distant relatives, time can control us but we can’t control time, there is only way how to use time wisely is by having life purpose, you know what is your major fear and what is your major pain, sometimes we need the mental pain such as fear to understand what your biggest focus, if your fear can maximize your potential, you must try although you will fail at some points, it's sign of maturity, remember this note; life will not demand you to do something greater if you aren’t ready to be great person, but life will demand you to do something greater when your preparation has fulfilled higher standard.

      Life will not choose you to do something when you are not ready yet, life always teaches you how to cure yourself when you are passionately to learn about something difficult, don't make your life awaits your procrastination, life will not work maximally when you stop progressing something bigger in your skill, you must keep working and keep evolving, you need the pressure to increase your mental strengthyour skill is like the muscle, the more you use it often, the stronger it gets, you must ensure your muscle must give your service, so you can make it as your fuel and you will not lose your enthusiasm again when you can to achieve something, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck. 

The day you plant the seed is not the day you eat the fruit

         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about “the day you plant the seed is not the day you eat the fruit”, the meaning of that topic is there is no instant success happens in overnight and there is no perfection in this life because there is no law can make it, in this life there is only progress to make it happens, no matter how hard you try to get success, you can not determine success overnight because success is part of long term learning process, it is just like human, human needs time to grow up, everybody needs to wait the process, we can’t deny this reality, there is no better way to deny reality because reality gives its reaction to human’s effort, the more you start soon, the more you get feedback from reality, basically reality doesn’t recognize the shortcut strategy, we need to prepare something long time ago before our needs comes into reality, the more you push time to work harder, the less something you will have, if we can look at the plant, every leaves in the tree will not grow at the same time, every leave’s shape is having different length size although it looks the same from far away, it's proven that every miraculous will come progressively, there is nobody can interfere it unless the Almighty God.

      If we don’t want to plan something, we will never get what we want, everything we get from what we wait, we need to plan our purpose long time ago before the crisis time is begun, it’s life game, here are the seeds we need to plant long time ago; dedication, commitment, higher purpose, passion, consistency, clarity and expertisesometimes it takes long time to get what we need, yes, I agree, as human being, we can’t interfere the time’s work because it’s beyond human’s ability, we have no choice, although we can’t manage time, but we can let time to work by inputting something into life such as determine our life purpose in every work we have taken and generate our passion how to solve problem, let time counts our seeds and let time develops our seeds, that’s key, we have to monitor our seeds and we cultivate them day by day until it will produce something what we need, remember this; life will produce what we need, not produce what we want, so process is more important than the end result, life will work based on what we imagine to the object repeatedly until it is shaped in reality, don’t let our doubt will destroy our seeds, we must stay patience for a while until the game is finished, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck. 

Optimism is true moral courage

         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about “optimism is true moral courage” the meaning of that topic is optimism is part of mental strategy how to hold the fear which it's trying to creep inside you, optimism will come when there is strong belief has broken the mental block, but unfortunately very few people can possess the power of optimism because they don’t see any value from it, optimism is like the light, it will come where there is the darkness around, people will get the light as long as people have courage to pursue the problem and then solve it, if people don't want to solve problem, they will never get the light, that's requirement, remember this; we can’t collect the power of optimism if we don’t take small test such as taking challenge in every activity we have made, if we have optimism, it always guides us how to do something miraculously and how not to do something dangerous, as long as we choose in this life whether good thing or bad thing, it will give reaction to our reality, act of procrastination can block the sustainable growth, I think optimism needs something progressively such as make research, practice, being studious person, we can't create better life if we just rely on how much money and a lot of possessions around us, remember this note; tomorrow will be different when we create momentum about what we do daily, tomorrow needs gritty in order to create a new life story, here is the good news; if you create new story every day by making better creation, other people will remember your name, use your service and use your ideology.

        Sometimes we need to practice how to endure the suffering if we want to create optimism, do you know why I say such thing because optimism can't stay in human's good experience, it needs courage to endure suffering, optimism will not pursue your dream when you stop growing your performance, as I reviewed, many people in the world believe about the power of positive thinking but most of them have no optimism, do you know why? Because people are too sooner to reject the progress in reality, remember this; the power of positive thinking can't be used when there is comfort zone, we need to forget our past memory if we want to create optimism, if people who want to have optimism in their daily habit, they must show their dedication to what they do, optimism will not stay in human’s psyche if people stop seeing reality as stepping stone, that’s requirement, there is no shortcut how to get sense of optimism, it will show by itself if human are willing to do something which it’s related with right mindset and right attitude, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck. 

Wealth consists not in having great possessions, but in having few wants

         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about “wealth consists not in having great possessions, but in having few wants” the main reason why I say such thing because great possessions is just a result from long preparation process, not main cause why people are richif someone is having few wants, mean he has spent his time to focus on one major thing, if he keeps doing it, his creativity will create the act of service, it has the same similar purpose like the universe, "the act of service is part of wealth", here is the note; the purpose of wealth is not making every human being got respected, but wealth indicates human's responsibility and human have used their problem solving skill to dictate their own mission on this earth, now if we take a look about the human’s lifestyle recently, many people prolong their satisfaction by having unclear want, lack of direction and having a lot of demand to the external thing such as other people’s emotion, money, influence, reputation and luck, so I think they don't make clear decision, do you know why I am saying like this because they forget how to correct the internal cause such as false belief, doubt, fear, procrastination, desperate, depression and many other negative emotion, that’s serious problem, remember this; the human’s wealth can't be used to control the external cause such a reputation and money, but the external thing will follow human wherever they are as long as human have magnificent value

         If you have many great possessions in the future, at least you have to keep your sustainable growth by giving your service to others and you have passion of learning, If you start new career, you must have enough big reason and big purpose, if you have big reason, you will learn to commit to one big thing although it seems difficult to be done, but if you have big purpose, you will be called by the universe to serve others who need your service, the basic of wealth is giving, before you want to get wealth, you have to ensure every recipient is feeling of joy, you are not allowed to insist other people to use your service, if other people don’t like to accept something valuable from you, you don’t deserve to get wealth, wealth is started from having few want, here is the reason why we need few want because few want will extend your major focus to the one major target, your subconscious mind will work maximally with the universe's law and you will not get demanded by the external thing to do something high risk, here is philosophy you need to learn; we need to leave those heavy bags behind if we want to high up to the summit, means, if we want to upgrade our mindset to become rich man, we have to unlearn unproductive habit, and let our past in the past, don't let the past will determine your future because the future will not be here today if we do something bad repeatedly, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck. 

How to stop rejection from something which can destroy your confidence

         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about “how to stop rejection from something which can destroy your confidence”, the main reason why rejection is already there because it is part of standard where it has been built long time ago for anybody who wants to pass the challenge, as human being, we are not entitled to stop rejection because it’s beyond of human’s capacity, although we have many qualified skills, it doesn't guarantee at all, we can’t stop rejection, all we need to do is be brave enough to face rejection, learn how to surpass new demand from the market place, to survive in the life's challenge, we can ask ourselves  “why am I rejected?”, or “what kind of failure did I miss in the past”, if we keep questioning ourselves with both questions above mentioned, we will not get the same rejection because we prepare for rejection, here is the note; there is no strategy how to stop rejection, but we can pick up which standard that it can't reject our preparation, if there is organization or company rejects you, it doesn’t mean you lack of standard, but there are two options to answer it; the option number 1you are considered to have higher invaluable enough, other people will reject you not because of you, but they can't pay you well, the option number 2; you lack of preparation and lack of qualification to fit their standard, now you can ponder it by measuring with your own capacity.

       Don’t lower your standard just because other people want to accept you, your qualification is part of gift that you have got from your struggling, your high value is your investment, let your investment leads you to the higher position in your career, there is no rejection can destroy your confidence as long as you use your time to practice, rejection will defeat you if you stop learning or you don't increase your next skill, if you don’t want rejection stops you, you just need to compete with your reality, if reality still rejects you, means your expertise needs to be prepared again, you must promise yourself that you will do something valuable until rejection can't stop your progress, remember this; your biggest career lies in the problem you have solved, so please don't be afraid to get rejection, you should be happy when you got rejection because it indicates that your progress has surpassed the previous rejection, you should be fear if there is no rejection, if there is no rejection, there is no progress, when there is no progress, there is no high value, here what you can do if you want to surpass rejection; don’t try to compete with other people’s game, but all you need to do is competing against your rejections in the past, if you work longer enough from rejection, then your standard is getting higher, your value depends on how much rejection you make, you should thank if you have rejection because all rejections will give you a new leverage, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck. 

Temptation is an invitation

         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about “temptation is an invitation”, the meaning of that topic is every temptation in this life wants you to do something bad or immoral such as doing something which it is prohibited in religion and doing something where it influences your mind to behave dysfunctional such as arrogant, snob, self-righteousness, disrespect, betrayal, cruel, etc. besides that temptation offers lacking of difficulties, lacking of risk, an ease and instant happiness, if you ever felt such thing, means, you are in unsteady mood, you need to unlearn your unclear desires which may injure your peaceful heart, now here is the reason why comfort zone is dangerous because it is static, not developed and comfort zone is against the universe's law whereas the universe is stated "it is steady expanding, not static", maybe you have question “why this life is full of temptation?” because life is designed not to make people feel an ease for long period of time, the real life is always offering the challenge, pain and discomfort, as long as you are still alive, you need to practice your talent or expertise in order to make your mentally stronger, "the more you can endure the suffering, the higher temptation you will face", temptation is not kind of the pain, but it part of self-punishment, as long as you don’t get caught with temptation, you win, if you don’t want temptation follows you, you don’t act as if you are interested, as long as you don’t break the natural’s law, you will not get easily distracted by temptation as well as you will not get an invitation from the darkness.

        Remember this note; several pains in life can become self-recovery if you turn it into self-discipline, but if you don’t know how to figure out the pain, your pain will be your protector, you will be influenced to do something easier and lack of difficult, now what is relationship between self-recovery and temptation? Temptation will measure how long the human’s endurance during fighting with human's own desire, self-recovery will be shaped after human can discipline their life purpose with self-development act, if we can’t endure temptation, our enthusiasm will decreased by itself automatically, If you aren’t ready to face temptation, you can get away from its circle and you treat every temptation is like the visitor who can come and leave you by his own desire, everybody has suffering but not all people have courage how to endure the sharp pains because most people adapt themselves by playing safe, if people keep adapting with self-perfection, they will meet tragedy and crisis, before you get invitation from temptation, you need to evolve your drawing of your vision with something that it can insist you to create a masterpiece in every day, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck. 

Those who don’t want to change, let them sleep

         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about “those who don’t want to change, let them sleep”, the meaning of that topic is if there is nobody supports you or nobody can't do something for you during making better future, you don’t need to demand other people to follow what your command, just be your best version, you just need to envision what your biggest interest really wants from you, let reality gives you a rejection, the more you are rejected, the better feedback you will get, you can think about the big case which is concerned by most people, then you try to solve that big case, whether you realize or not, you got big attention from most people after you have offered solution to them, eventually they are mesmerized by your performance, in order to create more values to your future, you need to plan how to make the sustainable growth in your service, you don’t need to concern about what other people do as long as they don't teach you anything better, you just need to observe about “what kind of problem that most people avoid”, remember this note; not all problems can fix everybody’s life pattern, sometimes problem can make everybody’s getting sleep and sometimes problem can educate someone who is interested about it, so I am asking you “which one are you side between endure or escape from problem”, if you feel perplexed about the problem you face now, you can ask yourself “when I will be feeling enough for the life I want and when the last time I appreciate about life”.

       We can’t get better tomorrow by repeating our life history, better tomorrow will not begin as long as we don’t do something different today, such as doing an initial step, practice an expertise, solve different problem, remember this; every problem has different weight, you can't solve big problem weight without you solve the small problem weight first, that’s part of game of life, if you can’t find the right people to support your mission, you just need to offer what other people can't do for you, here is the note; to those people who can't change themselves, life will drag themselves with serious problem until they give up, the reason why we are still alive today because our existence is still needed in the future to do something which the past is no longer worked for us, many people think there is no difference between the past and the future, that's why they get frustrated because they lack of failures, less failure makes them feel pity to their life story, person who can sleep tight is the ones who don't worry about many problems around them because they believe can solve it, whereas, people who can't sleep tight because they sleep in their own fear, here is my advice; we can’t live peacefully without knowing how to neutralize the pain of suffering, suffering will not appear when there is no worry, worry will not come if there is no disappointment, disappointment will not come without much expectation, that's the path how to shape true happiness, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck. 

The cure for pain is in the pain

         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about “the cure for pain is in the pain”, the meaning of that topic is in order to remove all pains which are the suspects can create frustration for us, we need to balance between the pain and enthusiasm, the pain is produced by our perception, if we think the pain is not problem anymore, it can be called as enthusiasm, we need to excel our thinking habit before the crisis comes earlier, our thinking habit comes from our ritual we spend time with, remember this; wrong perception can create more pain and it will create the midlife crisis, the pain is not problem as long as you envision your problem like the special rewards, to end the pain, we just need to remove the distraction which has potentially created new pain, there is nobody can heal your pain except your own perception, the first thing you need to do if you want to reduce pain is releasing your emotion to your biggest interest such as hobby or vocation, you can start building new habit which it is used to delegate your emotion to work for you, don’t let your emotion is dangled to somewhere you don’t belong, you need to make research about what you want to do in the future, you have to plan something bigger in order to pull your emotion goes forward to your goal, the best cure for pain is the pain which you use it to create self-discipline.

        Time is the channel where it can heal your pain because your mental / physical pain is not part of regret, so it can be healed as long as you practice something more important to you such as your expertise or talent, if you think your time is the best investment to cure your pain, you should do something when other people doubt about what you can do, sometimes the biggest rewards are the pain that you can endure, the reason why i say such thing because pain will do something bigger whereas the world can't do something for you, so you need to work until you can find what you are looking for, don’t just wait something because opportunity can’t be retained, we need to make new failure in order to increase our self-awareness, remember this note; we can’t make wise decision without having more failures, the truth will guide you once you pursue problem, not all problem can become like the pain, there is no better way how to avoid pain except we balance it with new pain until the pain will resolve by itselfhere what I believe about pain; the pain is not kind of self-punishment, it just special treatment to strengthen your mental health, I think regret is the real pain in life and incurable, in order to face a lot of pain, you don’t need to think about tomorrow or yesterday’s event, you just need to imagine and ask yourself “what am I going to do within 24 hours” if you think about solution, you will be pursued by new problem, so you can solve it with your capacity, but if you think about giving up, you will be burdened with heavier pains, we must beware about our perception because it can reflect to our reality, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck. 

Nothing can nourish the soul but the light can

         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about “nothing can nourish the soul but the light can”, the meaning of that topic is every soul can't get the light without knowledge, in order to let the light enters to the soul, human must adapt with adversity, without sticking together with adversity, human can't control the darkness where it lies in the human's soul, remember this note; the light can be useful in human’s life where there is the darkness around, the light is meaningless without the darkness within, means, the human's ability is meaningless without pursuing the problem, so human really need problem to strengthen their ingenuityhere are several power of the darkness where they can help human how to nourish their soul; hardship, delay, crisis, cheat, adversity, progress, mistake, broken heart, misfortune, betrayal, slander, rejection, patience, repetition, and failure, if you learn from the darkness's product, you will be wise because your soul gets stronger, here I give you several information which may help you to nourish your soul; number 1; you must learn from the darkness if you want to get your own light, means, you will find your life purpose if you chase the problem, number 2; your existence is meaningless if you don't use your light to shine people's problem, means, your life will be frustrated and distressed if you don't use your time to solve people's problem.

          Now I give you the illustration how to draw a picture for your soul, imagine your soul is like the seed, you can't see your seed when it is buried beneath the soil, the seed can’t find any light because the seed is embedded in the soil, to make the seed can feel the power of light, the seed must be watered until the seed produces the root and catch the power of light, now you can learn that the seed's growing simulation has the same purpose like the human’s soul, you must love with problem if you want to change your life, you can collect knowledge or good experience through problem, although you have many problems in your life, doesn't mean you will get lost forever in the problem, all you need to do is choose the type of problem, practice your skill to follow that problem and use your ingenuity to solve it, remember; God doesn't burden you with the problem beyond your capacity, every human’s soul will find the truth if there is passion of learning, curiosity, endurance, and progress, the lights will enter your soul if you just focus to the problem, make sure every day your skill is very useful for shining everyone who got the problem, now if you feel something wrong with your life journey, means your light is dimmed, that's why you can't shine people's darkness, God wants your existence will be meaningful and remember the worth thing after your solve problem in this life, the more you use your resources, the more lights will nourish your soul, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck. 

Stop acting so small, you are the universe in divine motion

         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about “stop acting so small, you are the universe in divine motion”, the meaning of that topic is in order to create big different in the future, we need great effort, great enthusiasm and great mistake, as we know that every human has limitation, such as space and time, we must accept that reality as our opportunity to grow and we must stop doing which it's connected with meaningless activity because every greatness can’t be waited, we must do something different every day in order to create big result in the future because life journey will be distressing if there is no progress at all, human is very rare breed creature and everything in this universe can be measured by the human's power of imagination because imagination is the biggest reward that human have ever accepted from the God, but the problem is not every single person can succeed to access the imagination because they stay focus to the short term plan and they prefer to get an instant happiness, as long as if human keep practicing, keep evolving, and keep humility, they will not get desperate easily although there are many failures try to hurt themthe difference between what human have and what other creatures don’t have is imagination, if we can access the power of imagination, means, we have the channel which is used to connect between human's psyche and creativity, unlike the animals, before we access our imagination, we must measure how much capability we can develop constantly and we must measure how much time we need to tolerate something we can bear, if we can’t meet with the requirement, we will lose what we already have such as blessing.

          If we just accept our limitation without doing something we never tried, we will get regression and we always become the victim of life such as living in the midlife crisis and we get the pain of regret, every motion in the universe is measured by Almighty God, human can choose whether they will follow the universe’s rule or reject the universe’s rule, if we disobey the universe's rule, automatically we reject the divine’s decision, as human being, we can't dealt with many problems except we are taught by problem to be great person in the future, if we see the fact, many people spend their life to pursue for money, buy liabilities and a lot of possessions, what I see about that lifestyle, that's real problem because they don't pursue problem, if people don't pursue problem, they always act smaller than the universe's expectation, before we want to take a lot possessions at our will, we must know what the world wants from us, if we don’t know the purpose about having a lot possessions, it will not give the benefit to human, except the world will make us to be slavery forever, basically human don't need to do something what God doesn't command to do, human's duty is keep passion of learning and solve problem as much as human can finish, remember this; if we think like the universe, we will not get frustrated to lose a lot of possessions because the universe will supply what human need to manifest what they really want, starting today, please stop acting so small and learn how to give more, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck. 

When you feel a peaceful joy, you are near truth

         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about “when you feel a peaceful joy, you are near truth”, the meaning of that topic is the truth will lead you how to create feeling a peaceful joy if you follow the natural's law, there is no better way how to approach the truth than doing good deed, if there is someone claims that he already found the truth, means, he succeeds to leave his comfort zone and he breaks his ignorance through embrace the obstacles, remember thiswe can't create happiness if  there is no progress, so if there is no any progress, there is no mistake, if there is no mistake, there is no self-improvementhere is the fact; life insisted us to do something we don't really like to do because life needs the human's major emotional discomfort to meet with the truth, maybe you will ask me, why life needs our major emotional discomfort because there is no growth zone if we stay in emotional comfort zone, there is nothing can define about the truth except God and His creation such as the universe, that's reason why God insist us to learn the universe's rule because that's the truth, remember this note ; the truth can’t be created by any human being and it can’t be created by accidentally, but unfortunately many people break the universe's law, as result they go to the wrong way and they are trapped in the circle of hell such as hatred, anger, and regret, if we talk about the truth, we can’t compare the purpose between the truth and feeling of joy because the truth is unlimited whereas joy is restricted by time, true happiness is not against the natural law whereas fake happiness is against the natural’s law, now you see the difference between both.

     Truth happiness needs hard work, perseverance, faith, endurance, courage, commitment, ingenuity, discipline and consistency whereas, fake happiness always offers an instant happiness, besides that, fake happiness gives you a sweet promise where it convinces you to act according to what fake happiness wants from you and fake happiness always promises something where it is not happening yet in reality, please beware about someone or something where it offers something easily because they will push you to believe something which it isn't happened yet,  so you must observe about the negative preparation, besides that, the truth can't be manipulated with something in this world because the truth is eternal and the truth will sweep something goes wrongfeeling peaceful joy can be shaped through strong evidence, knowledge, true faith and self-awareness, although human can design something, it doesn’t mean human can create something miraculously, if human want to be invited by the truth and stay together with truth, human must leave the stagnant belief such as emotional comfort zone, besides that, truth can’t be reached by having a lot of money or having a lot of possessions, remember this note; truth will lead you to the grace of God and truth can buy something for human’s serenity whereas the world can’t buy for serenity, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck. 

Opportunity cost

Opportunity needs strategy and awareness

  Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about “Opportunity cost”, the main reason why I choose that topic because many people can't optimize their opportunity cost when it is not always coming in the same situation, maybe you ask me "what is benefit of the opportunity cost?" it can help us to monitor our progressive action and to measure our capacity of understanding about what we have done in the past, even though the opportunity cost is important, but in fact not all people consider it as special, many people can't accept the opportunity cost by avoiding the new mistake and avoiding the new risk, people who realize about the opportunity cost, they will not get away from it because they really know about the value, remember; people who appreciate about their own time, they tend to appreciate their learning process, the opportunity cost can leave the pain of regret if people stop their learning ability to explore about their own potential, every opportunity is taken from credibility, if you want to get opportunity, you must challenge yourself to offer solution to the marketplace, if the marketplace considers your solution can bring the solution from the marketplace's need, it means, you will get credibility from itbasically the opportunity cost comes from many years of failure experiences which couldn't be forgotten easily, if you are willing to experience with many failure experience in the past, I congratulate you with it because it is the only way how to observe your opportunity cost to pay success as much as you can receive.
Regret is incurable pain

    The opportunity cost can be valuable to your career if you work on your potential, not to work on the profit, whereas, the opportunity cost can ruin your career if you work based on the satisfaction result, If you think every problem you have can be solved by your money, it is not real problem, instead, it is kind of self-delusion's problem, you must beware about all opportunities because not all of them can benefit to you, some opportunities are designed to immobilize your focus on your goal and some opportunities can depreciate your commitment at your workin order to reveal the opportunity cost, you must analyze about your troubleshooting skill is still relied to solve the market potential or not, if what you do now can increase your ingenuity level and increase your knowledge, so you must appreciate it because you will recognize the opportunity cost which can pay your success in the future, remember; every fortune you will get in the future is being accumulated from the opportunity cost you had taken in the past, here is my recommendation; if you still doubt about your work/ career, you can ask yourself "Is this job can increase my knowledge, my life experience and my inner peace?", if your soul gives the answer "yes", it indicates that you are in the right journey, please don't let a bad emotion gets in the way of your job because it can destroy everything within you, such as focus, creativity, stamina, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.  

The ego is a veil is carried by complacency to draw stupidity

         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about “the ego is a veil is carried by complacency to draw stupidity”, the purpose why I choose this topic because ego is not good for human because it will teach people how to behave arrogant, we should beware about what ego offers to us because there many temptations which try to put us down to the despair, ego can't create benefit, except loss, sometimes our ego blocks the power of thinking process during we make new decision, our ego always tells us to do something risky without considering the dark side which it’s hidden from us, we can betray our ego as long as we have an attainable goal, we need to ensure our ego can’t measure what we aim something, it’s strategy how to create differentiation between bleak future and bright future, in order to immobilize ego's growing process, we need to work not for money, but work for learning, if we follow our ego, it's trying to stop us reaching higher purpose, as I told “the ego is a veil is carried by complacency to draw stupidity”, as long as we prefer being complacent than being studious, ego is ready to block our vision, and ego will make us feeling doubt about what we are doing, maybe you still remember about the popular mythology where it says “life begins at forty”, it's ego's whisper, it’s not part of independence skill, if you think you can do something different at thirty years old, why would you spend your time to wait until your age begins at 40 years old?

An Ego creates unproductive habit

      Please don’t listen ego which it’s rewarding you with a shortcut method, easiest way or instant happiness because it is part of strategy how to develop the feeling of procrastination, remember this; our time is the most irreplaceable stuff in this life, ego is always playing innocent when there is accident happening to us, ego can’t help us to solve problem and ego can’t create a productive habit, starting today; we need to pursue the problem in order to break our ignorance towards enlightenment, we need to set target “within 1 day there is 1 problem must be solved”, if we have new habit such thing, our ego will decrease its power and it will start to support our command, here is my advice; if you think your ego will not increase your knowledge or capacity, you must fight it by doing something that your ego hates it so much, such as reading activity, making research, seeking the truth, here is the formula for improving your daily habit; ego equals stupidity, progress equals wise, no matter how many failures you attempted to get result, it's better than most people who don’t attempt to make failure because wealth is not asking you how many successful story you have but wealth is asking you how many failure you have endured, wise decision is not coming from good experience, but it is coming from bad experience, whereas ego is coming from stagnant experience, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck. 

Set your life on fire, seek those who fan your flames

         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about “set your life on fire, seek those who fan your flames”, the meaning of that topic; in order to create the purpose of life, people must find the trusted informant / the frame of reference in order to give self-correcting to what people have done, people will never know about the truth until they dare to take risk/ challenge, embrace failure and dedicate to find self-criticism, as human being, we can’t detect our blind spot until we find the right people who can guide us how to encounter our vision’s problem and understand how to develop our ingenuity, remember this note; we will never be able to detect our future until our preparation is given a test by reality, if our progress doesn’t fix our mindset, means we still have undetected problem within our thoughts, we don’t need the motivators to fix our life design, we just need to build sanctuary where people can stay there and accept as many as benefit from our kindness, the more we care, the stronger we will be, the less we care, the more we are forgotten, we don’t need to find the right people because it’s beyond our control, but all we can do is delivering our kindness to all over the world, let the world finds us with its curiosity.

stick together with people who can empower you

          If we talk about the fire, the fire is like motivation, we will never know how to fire up our higher purpose if we just wait other people to give help to us, we need to be proactive to accept any challenge and pass from endurance test like adapting with adversity and progress, we can’t just rely our willingness to change our life purpose, we need to empower other people with enlightenment first if we want to accept more intelligence and happiness, remember this; our power of determination will decrease by itself when we lack of using it to encounter problem, your will of motivation will burn out if you don’t use it to solve the problem, whether it’s coming from other people or your own private thing, don’t miss one day not to use your power of determination to solve problem, your reputation is calculated based on how fast you solve problem and how much time you need to discipline yourself to execute your priority list, good people will lend their powers to you if you are willing to do something like what they can't, you don’t need to waste your time find good people, all you need to do is let good people find your kindness and let they remember your values, if you have this kind of habit, you will never lack of hope because you are surrounded by right people, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck. 

Life is balance between holding on and letting go

Life can hold you if you open up new day with big purpose

         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about “life is balance between holding on and letting go”, the meaning of that topic is if someone insists  to know whether his life is balance or not, he must treat his feelings like the visitor, he can let go something that it doesn’t deserve to get his major attention and he can hold something that it deserves to get his major attention, here is the key; don’t let the small purpose or any distraction will steal your major attention and don’t let other people’s big surprise will dominate into your higher purpose, if surprise will not affect to your progress, you need to reject it because it will create great threat to your progress, remember this; you probably can rewrite history but your time can’t, if you think there are some references can support what you do in your future, you need to pursue it no matter what it takes, you would better to get pain rather than you would regret, don’t give your time with many regrets because it will injure your mental health, if you can value your own time by being studious person, your time will give the bigger value than what you imagine if you invest something good to your time, time is like the human’s psychology, if you treat your time like a VIP guest, your time will create a tangible results and your time will not let you getting the pain of regret, on the contrary, if you treat your time like your enemy, time will give you the pain of regret and it’s incurable.

       Here is the bad effect if someone has the pain of regret; someone will lack of enthusiasm to do something inspired and someone will go through a midlife crisis, if someone lacks of enthusiasm, means, he has no future and he can’t have a good vision to prepare something for the future, finally he will give up before the future’s time is begun, it’s bad idea, here is the philosophy you need to ponder; before the bomb is exploded, someone needs to defuse it earlier, means, if we don’t want to get caught with time crisis, we need to make negative anticipation long before the crisis began, remember; we can’t stop the crisis’s time but we can choose to prepare our skills before the crisis began, we need to let go something where it creates instant happiness, do you know why? Because an instant happiness will end instantly, here is the solution; the crisis will come to those people who can’t delay self-gratification and the crisis will attack to those people who can’t differentiate between an instant happiness and a longevity happiness, if you focus how to build a longevity happiness, you need to hard work, discipline, commitment to manifest what you want into reality, just like pursuing a dream or building an enterprise, on the contrary, if you focus to an instant happiness, you will not be treated like a VIP guest, but instead you are treated like a prisoner, you will be locked up by your own satisfaction because happiness will not consider you as important person, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck. 

Silence is the language of God, all else is poor translation

         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about “silence is the language of God, all else is poor translation”, the meaning of that topic is the art of silence can developed through listening intuition, self-introspection, the art of silence brings us more focus, harmony, patience, open-minded and determination during we're facing the difficult problem, besides that, the art of silence needs the support environment to attract the law of creation from the God's language, here is the benefit if you attract the law of creation; you can create something indescribable in the future through your skills, is it good news, isn't it? If we don't like being a silent person, we are not treated by God to become the painter for the future, now if we compare between the art of silence and the public place situation, there are many people love to create the noise, chit chat, rumor until they forget how to learn something in this life, is it bad news, isn't it? Remember this; we will never see the real life happens in our lives until we can calm down our mood from the noises, so we can’t solve the difficult problem by relying some noises, sometimes we need to act like the students who face the final examination at school, the real life can be seen clearly when we accustom ourselves to go to the library, read some books and we prepare our knowledge long before we face the insurmountable problem, do you know why we need to go to the library? Because we can’t use our naked eyes to see problem unless we fill our mind with knowledge, besides that, having vast knowledge can help us to solve the life problem as much as we can, please don’t underestimate to have reading book's habit because your future depends on how much book you read and also how much reference or people you spend time to hang out with.

      If you can’t create the art of silence during learning process, you can’t communicate with your God, sometimes you don't need to go out with your friends in order to develop your specialty through the art of silence, keep silence doesn’t mean do nothing, if you can stay calm although there are many distractions around you, means, you succeed to remove intruders where they try to seize your big opportunity, if you look at the tree where it had grown 10 years ago and now you see the tree is still steady and firmly, means, the tree can use the art of silence to grow up its potential, the tree can adapt with circumstance while the wind tends interrupting the tree’s growing process, it’s powerful evidence, am I right? This case should be applied the same into human’s life, we need to learn from the tree’s lesson, besides that, we need to focus how to endure the pain until our potential can become our sentinels, the more we learn how to endure the pain, we will be strong enough to destroy the barrier where it’s embedded to our mindset, starting today, please don’t just think about how to live forever in this world by pursuing your own happiness, life doesn't support you if you spend your time to think like that, you must consider how to endure the mental / physical pain before the crisis came, after that you keep study how to increase your tolerance to adapt with new circumstance, you must validate your mindset with this statement "I would better to get pain rather than I would regret", your happiness is not going anywhere and your happiness will pursue you if you prepare your provision as best as you can, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.