5 things people learn something very late

         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about “5 things people learn something very late”, the main reason why I choose that topic because many people underestimate to learn it since they were children, at this moment let me share something to you about several tips how to learn the truth before we are very late to know how the life works, here is the first tip to learn about the truth before we are very late to know; everything in this life is running temporary based on period of time to learn, means, we shouldn’t disappoint when there’s something bad happen to us or there is something good is approaching to us temporarily because reality is shaped to test our preparation and commitment, everything in this life is not running to be stuck as long as we can adapt with new changes, although life offers something risky to us, it doesn’t mean we will get punishment from that, we are just being asked by life to make ourselves ready to take the challenge, that's it, remember; life is always neutral, it never harm anybody, except life only gives us a priceless information such as knowledge and failure, sometimes our judgment becomes the biggest factor where it can manipulate our mind to judge something unimportant, on the other side, our judgment value can guide us to choose the life path whether it gives us opportunity to become good person or bad person, if you are afraid to accept mistake or you are afraid to try something new, your life will not be worthwhile, remember this; good or bad is depending on our judgment value, if you think suffering is bad, why Almighty God would give it to his most beloved subject such as the prophets, please contemplate it for moment.

Here is the second tip to learn about the truth before we are very late to know; life is fair enough if you use your time wisely, means, life will provide the facilitation to what human need as long as they know how to value their own time, life is going to work for us if we work like the universe’s principle, means, we will work based on the progress, not work based on our satisfaction, life isn’t fair if we work for fulfilling our own lifestyle, here is the third tip to learn about the truth before we are very late to know; family matter more than friends, means, your happiness lies on what you treat others in your family, family will give you a the power of relationship when you prioritize the family matter more than friends, do you know why we need to prioritize the family matter because we are connected with family when we were still childhood, when you can give good treatment to your family, your affection will bring good influence to your friend circle, please don't underestimate your family matter because our reputation can be valued based on our family background, not friend circle, here is the fourth tip to learn about the truth before we are very late to know; the way you treat others like the way you treat yourself, means, if you commit with good deed, the deed is going to teach you how to share the valuable thing to others, your happiness lies in the way you treat others, if you treat yourself with kindness, you will not make others disappointed with your attitude, your courtesy will reflect to your words, when you enhance the quality of your words, you can change your outer world.

Here is the fifth tip to learn about the truth before we are very late to know; beneath anger there is always fear, means, the big risk in our lives is coming when we don't realize about what we have done, anger often leads us to fear when we don't have enough reason why we keep doing it, most time the anger always influences human to create destruction and play innocent about it, before sense of anger is going to destroy our logic thinking, we should find the interesting subject where it can help us how to delay the anger growing process, remember; the anger’s biggest enemy is the human's rational thinking, when you practice to think rationally every time you meet with problem, the anger’s growing process will become tired or less confident, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.