Dead people receive more flowers because regret is stronger than gratitude

         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about “dead people receive more flower because regret is stronger than gratitude”, the meaning of that topic is the pain of regret can’t resurrect the dead people and there is no healing process for the pain of regret, although flower often represents the feeling of gratitude, it doesn’t mean flower will change the pain of regret, if your life is more precious than anybody, you shouldn’t sacrifice yourself to others by doing something unworthy because the pain of regret can't be healed in the future, remember this note; love can’t heal your pain of regret although you receive 1000 flowers from anybody, don’t ever underestimate about the truth, regret is the truth answer how to explain to the disbeliever, before the pain of regret is hurting you eternally, you must stay curious how to find the answer and you start looking for the evidence which it can convince you that you will not feel regret after you learn about it, you can refer to the universe's law, the prophet's teachings, history and the holy book where it talks about the universe, the reason why I recommend you to refer the universe as strong evidence because it will never lied, love can't heal the pain of regret but love can teach you how to prevent the pain of regret, here is the note; regret comes when you don't leave good legacy for everybody who still lives in this world, every day there are more than 10.000 people died, make sure your legacy can inspire other people to make a better life before they die, here is my additional note; don’t believe easily with the human’s sweet promises where they tell you that you are going to have something in the future because the universe has never promised like what human did.

       To prevent the pain of regret, all you need to do right now is stay curious about something you will never learn before, we must be proactive how to get the valuable information where it can guide you how to fight the regret, remember; there is no way how to escape from the life rule except we die, but before we will enter to the eternal place such as the graveyard, we make sure every single day we don't miss the enlightenment where it talks about the true purpose and the true faith, we shouldn't procrastinate while we learn something, don't let the pain of regret tells us once we already die in the graveyard because there is no second chance, there is no mercy, remember this; as long as we are still alive, don’t let the pain of regret comes faster than what we learned, the more we learn something we never did, the more we see something we never had, the biggest enemy in ourselves is the pain of regret, we can’t get some helps once we passed away, the devil is just the first proven that he is the first creature who has been cursed by God with the pain of regret because he failed to find sense of gratitude in his faith and the devil is going to live into an eternal punishment such hell. don’t be the second creature who will suffer like what the devil did, the devil is not going on with you as long as you seek the truth from God’s principle and follow God’s guidance, share your love to others and show your gratitude as if you were getting something which already yours, so it is going to be a proven that God trust something to you, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.