Don’t focus what you can see, focus on what you can become

         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about “don’t focus what you can see, focus on what you can become”, the meaning of that topic; as long as you don't focus about what you become in the future, you will never become the future person whom you admire, in order to welcome future, you must dare to leave bad habit and take new responsibility, maybe you will ask me "why my future needs nurturing?" because there is nobody will care it except yourself, your future needs your good seed to be planted in your present time such as knowledge, expertise, talent, initiative step, discipline, etc. Sometimes during planting good seed in our time, we get stumbled with something which it is making our wishing delayed, that's big challenge for us to solve it, here is the reason why we are not allowed to postpone what's important thing in this life because our future design is not ready to welcome us, here is the note; your outer world is determined by the quality of your inner world, in order to sharp your inner world's quality, you must think how much problem you have solved, as successful person, you must focus what you can become because your upgrading skill, talent, expertise are the major factors how to make difference between your present time and your future, if you just focus what you can see such money, degree, big house, nice car or people’s perfection life in the social media, as a result, you can’t see what you can develop in the future, so you need to leave those unproductive things if you want to build your future.

        Remember this note; something you can’t see in reality will determine what you can develop in your personal character and something you can see in reality right now is reflected from what you built in the past time, now here is my suggestion to you; you need to develop something which it's related with your character such as discipline, creativity, commitment, consistency and etc. Now I start to understand why there are many people can’t create a better career in the rest of their lives because they don't want to pay something for their future, please don't spend your time to wait something uncertain, it's part of wasting time, you need to be proactive if you really want to be future person, please imagine this, you and your wishing are separated with time, if you want to welcome your wishing in the future, you must prepare everything valuable for your guest, as guest, you must fulfill what your guest wants from you, if you fail to prepare for your guest's demand, as a result, your guest will not desire to see you directlyevery greatness in life is started from what people can’t see within themselves, to build future, people must develop their character constantly, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.