Dream always seems impossible until it’s done

         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about “dream always seems impossible until it’s done”, the meaning of that topic is dream’s location is always located at out of comfort zone, we all agree that dream always seems impossible, that's normal thinking process, we shouldn't confuse about it, all we need to do is visualize about the possibility of success model and create plan in measurable time, good dream is always teaching human how to take risk, having a good manner and how to live with idealism, the more we think a lot about dream, the more we need to make long preparation for it, dream will never come to us until we work for it, I am sure everybody has dream, but the major problem why most people can't fulfill their dream because some of them commit to be a daydreamer and they don't have enough reason, if you want your dream is going to welcome you, you must feel never enough in every attempt you have made, if you are complacent, maybe your dream is just part of your daydreaming result, remember this rule for your reference; if you desire to meet with unexpected result, you have to surprise other people with unexpected reward, if you just desire to meet something certain in your life, you must work on it until you’re no longer needed anymore, so make sure you always spend your time to practice a new skill and upgrade your philosophy because one day your specialty will be pursued with intangible problem, here is the main character of dream; progressive, proactive, consistency and innovative, if you want to attract the big dream, you have to fulfill the dream's requisition.

       You must measure your capacity before you create a dream, if you can't monitor your progress, you will create a lousy dream automatically, if it happens to you, your dream is probably jeopardizing your mind with evil purpose, don't just believe with sweet promise because dream itself has never promised something good, you must prepare yourself in the long time journey in order to get mentally tough, if you think your dream is possible to be reached in short term, it is not supposed to be dream, it is part of delusion, remember this note; good dream can teach you how to leave unproductive habit, good dream can inspire you to do something where most people reject it, good dream can teach you how to behave a patience and also it can empower your endurance skill, don’t just be tricked easily by the fake dream where it tells you to work for money and go on vacation when you are already pension, there is no pension as long as there is living creature in this life, as long as we are still alive on earth, our dream is still alive, here is additional note; don't be afraid to have dream, you should fear when you don't have idealism in this life, the more your dream level is so high, the more preparation it needs to manifest it into reality, if your dream can't inspire you to do something extraordinary, you probably have an impotent dream, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.