Enjoy when you can, endure when you must

         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about “enjoy when you can, endure when you must” the meaning of that topic is when you can enjoy something, don’t try to compare between what your life manifests to you versus what people can’t do from what you enjoy, life is so crucial and serious, if you can't enjoy something simpler in your life, there is something wrong with your life mission, if you are obsessed about something higher than your capacity, so you need to endure higher responsibility to balance it, you can’t rely your mission into other’s plan and you must take the mission with you, if you want to enjoy something, do not just ask "what life can do for you", but you must demand by asking "what I can prepare for my future life".

        Whatever you want in life, you must know your capacity first, if there is no enough sustainable growth within you, your wants become disaster or nightmare, you would better having few wants rather than having much wants, here is the key for creating true happiness; the more you take something from this world without recognizing your capacity first, the less you have something from this world, the more you recognize your capacity, the more you take something valuable in this word, don’t try to play people’s game although they can earn a lot of money from their game, you must find your game because it will lead your own worthinessthe value of self-worth will determine what is your future look alike, self-confidence comes from applying few simple discipline every day.

       As I reviewed, the main reason why many people can’t enjoy their life because they are too complacent in their social circle, if people too concern about time, people will lose focus to the momentum, in my opinion; you shouldn’t concern so much about time, you should focus on how often you use your sense of gratitude to maximize your potential, if you don’t like to yourself, who else will replace your existence, you must love yourself like you put your love to your family or another distant relatives, time can control us but we can’t control time, there is only way how to use time wisely is by having life purpose, you know what is your major fear and what is your major pain, sometimes we need the mental pain such as fear to understand what your biggest focus, if your fear can maximize your potential, you must try although you will fail at some points, it's sign of maturity, remember this note; life will not demand you to do something greater if you aren’t ready to be great person, but life will demand you to do something greater when your preparation has fulfilled higher standard.

      Life will not choose you to do something when you are not ready yet, life always teaches you how to cure yourself when you are passionately to learn about something difficult, don't make your life awaits your procrastination, life will not work maximally when you stop progressing something bigger in your skill, you must keep working and keep evolving, you need the pressure to increase your mental strengthyour skill is like the muscle, the more you use it often, the stronger it gets, you must ensure your muscle must give your service, so you can make it as your fuel and you will not lose your enthusiasm again when you can to achieve something, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.