Focusing is about saying No

         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about “focusing is about saying No”, the meaning of that topic is we can’t create progress when we always saying yes to any disturbance, if we just react to the source of disturbance, our imagination will be fueled by distractions, frustration, anxiety, doubt, fear, desperate, etc. We don’t need to be great when we want to get bigger focus, all we need to do is starting something with bigger focus although we aren’t to be great, here is the problem why many people can’t find true purpose within their lives; because they don’t dare to say No when they get many invitation from the unknown resources, please don’t just follow what most people always do because our time is limited and our lives is precious, every human has responsibility, we only live once and we don’t know when our time calculation on earth is finished, so we can’t always share our time continuously to anybody else because our time is not for sale, in order to be right person in this life, we must dare to say No unless we want to waste our lives for meaningless purpose, please remember; our career will be counted when we work to break our ignorance, sometimes we need to learn how to ignore something in order to maximize our learning ability.

Remember this; saying Yes has potential to create disappointment because we too much hope when we believe there is someone who will give us good fortune, but in the reality, we still spend our time to wait delay, the main problem why we often lose our focus, it is not caused by lack of intelligence but we lack of direction, so direction will guide us how to do and how not to do with our current activity, if we just focus on saying yes to anybody's invitation including people's chit chat on social media, we will get more rejections from the future automatically because our preparation is not enough to fulfill the future’s challenge, as long as we fueled our lives journey with something unimportant, our lives journey will get stuck between dilemma and reality, don’t let it happens to you because time is too short to taste the pain of regret, when we don’t do something right, our mind will be haunted with regret, here is the key how to make our lives is worthwhile; we don’t fear about risk because we train our mind to stick together with risk, when we don’t fail at something new, our lives journey will not make progress, here is the game of life; the more you get rejection, the more calling from future which it describes that your existence is very crucial, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.