How to stop rejection from something which can destroy your confidence

         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about “how to stop rejection from something which can destroy your confidence”, the main reason why rejection is already there because it is part of standard where it has been built long time ago for anybody who wants to pass the challenge, as human being, we are not entitled to stop rejection because it’s beyond of human’s capacity, although we have many qualified skills, it doesn't guarantee at all, we can’t stop rejection, all we need to do is be brave enough to face rejection, learn how to surpass new demand from the market place, to survive in the life's challenge, we can ask ourselves  “why am I rejected?”, or “what kind of failure did I miss in the past”, if we keep questioning ourselves with both questions above mentioned, we will not get the same rejection because we prepare for rejection, here is the note; there is no strategy how to stop rejection, but we can pick up which standard that it can't reject our preparation, if there is organization or company rejects you, it doesn’t mean you lack of standard, but there are two options to answer it; the option number 1you are considered to have higher invaluable enough, other people will reject you not because of you, but they can't pay you well, the option number 2; you lack of preparation and lack of qualification to fit their standard, now you can ponder it by measuring with your own capacity.

       Don’t lower your standard just because other people want to accept you, your qualification is part of gift that you have got from your struggling, your high value is your investment, let your investment leads you to the higher position in your career, there is no rejection can destroy your confidence as long as you use your time to practice, rejection will defeat you if you stop learning or you don't increase your next skill, if you don’t want rejection stops you, you just need to compete with your reality, if reality still rejects you, means your expertise needs to be prepared again, you must promise yourself that you will do something valuable until rejection can't stop your progress, remember this; your biggest career lies in the problem you have solved, so please don't be afraid to get rejection, you should be happy when you got rejection because it indicates that your progress has surpassed the previous rejection, you should be fear if there is no rejection, if there is no rejection, there is no progress, when there is no progress, there is no high value, here what you can do if you want to surpass rejection; don’t try to compete with other people’s game, but all you need to do is competing against your rejections in the past, if you work longer enough from rejection, then your standard is getting higher, your value depends on how much rejection you make, you should thank if you have rejection because all rejections will give you a new leverage, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.