Life is balance between holding on and letting go

Life can hold you if you open up new day with big purpose

         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about “life is balance between holding on and letting go”, the meaning of that topic is if someone insists  to know whether his life is balance or not, he must treat his feelings like the visitor, he can let go something that it doesn’t deserve to get his major attention and he can hold something that it deserves to get his major attention, here is the key; don’t let the small purpose or any distraction will steal your major attention and don’t let other people’s big surprise will dominate into your higher purpose, if surprise will not affect to your progress, you need to reject it because it will create great threat to your progress, remember this; you probably can rewrite history but your time can’t, if you think there are some references can support what you do in your future, you need to pursue it no matter what it takes, you would better to get pain rather than you would regret, don’t give your time with many regrets because it will injure your mental health, if you can value your own time by being studious person, your time will give the bigger value than what you imagine if you invest something good to your time, time is like the human’s psychology, if you treat your time like a VIP guest, your time will create a tangible results and your time will not let you getting the pain of regret, on the contrary, if you treat your time like your enemy, time will give you the pain of regret and it’s incurable.

       Here is the bad effect if someone has the pain of regret; someone will lack of enthusiasm to do something inspired and someone will go through a midlife crisis, if someone lacks of enthusiasm, means, he has no future and he can’t have a good vision to prepare something for the future, finally he will give up before the future’s time is begun, it’s bad idea, here is the philosophy you need to ponder; before the bomb is exploded, someone needs to defuse it earlier, means, if we don’t want to get caught with time crisis, we need to make negative anticipation long before the crisis began, remember; we can’t stop the crisis’s time but we can choose to prepare our skills before the crisis began, we need to let go something where it creates instant happiness, do you know why? Because an instant happiness will end instantly, here is the solution; the crisis will come to those people who can’t delay self-gratification and the crisis will attack to those people who can’t differentiate between an instant happiness and a longevity happiness, if you focus how to build a longevity happiness, you need to hard work, discipline, commitment to manifest what you want into reality, just like pursuing a dream or building an enterprise, on the contrary, if you focus to an instant happiness, you will not be treated like a VIP guest, but instead you are treated like a prisoner, you will be locked up by your own satisfaction because happiness will not consider you as important person, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.