Life is very short to wait

         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about topic “life is very short to wait”, the meaning of that topic is our lives journey will be worthless when we just do something uninspired, don't take the journey where it is making us felt unworthy, bored, desperate, discourage, recession, etc. In order to prolong our lives journey, we must ignore our past history and create a new story which we never did before, The main reason why most people feel perplexed in career because they spend their time to wait, in fact, waiting is not something inspired, if we keep doing it over and over again, our qualification can't meet with the life’s originally needs and eventually we live in mediocre life, do you know what the most unimportant thing in this life? when we keep finding happiness in the money where it will leave us behind forever, besides that, self-gratification and expectation are part of procrastination, do you know why? because both of them will not support human how to create self-esteem, life will get shorter when we delay to do something more important, life is short when we reject reality, life is short when we fear about future, life is short when we worry about the past and life is short when we sacrifice something important by doing something unimportant, here is the additional note; life will make us depressed when we try to change the natural’s rule, all we need to do when we face the insurmountable problem is we stick together with the flow of problem until we find the clue how to find the source of problem, our lives can’t get better when we are just waiting help or we are complaining with the problem, every game in life is not offering solution unless we are aware to prepare our biggest mistake list.

     There are several ways how to prolong our lives journey; we create new initiative by practicing every single day, we consult with a professional to sort out the problem, we research the trusted references and we live in accordance with nature without complaint. remember this; your dignity depends how much problem you have solved, not how much money you have, when you decide to deal the problem earlier than most people who wait for solution, you have made 1-2 score in your career although you haven’t finished yet, remember that your courage is really counted as a man of unquestionable honesty, you can't create a better life by becoming a liar, life will count your attempt when you use your commitment to dissect the problem, your curiosity level towards problem will determine how much level of solution you will provide, time really counts your attempt when you dare to try something you never did rather than wait someone to make some solutions, don’t fear when other people doubt your reputation because your expertise is accumulated by your artificial emergency act, not what other people don't know about you, you should fear when you just spend your time to wait, don’t forget about it; we can’t repeat what we left in this life because our time is obsolete, maybe we can rewrite the event but we can't change our history, waiting is the sign of regret, don't let your life will manipulate you until you can’t write a new story, you should fear when you don’t try something, failure is trying to direct you to the right position to take you off to the decent career, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.