Only in the darkness you can see the stars

         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about “only in the darkness you can see the stars”, the meaning of that topic is we can’t taste better life for everlasting if we reject problem, in this article, I would like to recommend something to you how to design good life through problem, here is the major point; problem is like the air, water, soil and fire, those are part of blessingyou don’t need to worry about problem existence because basically problem is not designed to torture people's life, instead, problem will strengthen people's life, problem had been designed long time ago before we were born in this life, at this time let me explain to you how to love problem, now you can imagine the darkness is like a problem, star is like a hope, the meaning of the sentence is we will never see a hope if we don't love with problem although problem is everywhere, it doesn’t mean we will never see good luck, we can’t create a better life by waiting in line and hope that problem will resolve by itself, problem is like the life’s challenge, if we don’t like with the life's challenge, we will never know the purpose of our livesif we just focus on how we can get solution, we will get frustrated every time we see the problem, If we want to live peacefully with life, we must find the root of problem, that's simple way how to live a better life, most people don't realize "enlightenment is invaluable gift", we will never get the enlightenment, except we embrace with problem.

     Remember this note every time you feel frustrated; "if you don’t like to see the darkness, you will never see the stars in the sky and the stars can't shine brighter without attaching itself with the darkness", this statement has the same purpose with this statement; "if you don’t like to meet with problem, hope will never be there for you", that’s new mindset you need to apply to yourself, if you see in reality, many people get frustrated when they have problem, in fact, the problem is not happened towards what they do at that time, but the problem is happened when people use their excuses to avoid the root of problem, so there is nothing to worry when problem comes to you, if you start to worry, solution will not be available for you, starting today, you must practice your mind to work on the problem, if you can’t do it by alone, you can ask other people’s help, here is the conclusion; the darkness is always be there, it had been designed by God long time ago in order to balance the life system with the light, problem (darkness) and solution (light) are like brothers, they will not show their existence when you aren’t ready to accept it, if you love with problem, automatically solution loves you, but if you hate with problem, automatically solution hates you, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.