Pain makes people change

         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about “pain makes people change” the meaning of that topic is human being don’t want to change their habit until they will experience of pain such as broken heart, living poor, loss, betrayal and sick, habit has plays a major role in the human's life experience, now here is the question “does the pain come unexpected or it can be planned by human?” The answer is the pain can be planned when people use it for personal development, and the pain comes unexpected when people lack of self-preparation, basically the pain is produced by self-ignorance towards the truth, the pain sometimes is inevitable, it can gnaw way the human's thinking habit, the pain is like alarm, it is going to notify us when we step out from the pain tolerance, basically the pain is divided into two thing; the physical pain and the mental pain, let me explain about it, the physical pain will start to attack human once they are being indifferent how to care of their physical healthy, whereas, the mental pain has been designed to attack people who are less productive, here is the purpose of pain; it is designed not to kill human being, but it is designed to be protector, so the pain can prevent human to do something bigger than their capacity.

       We will never know how much severe which is produced by the pain, we don’t need to know about it because the pain is beyond of self-control, all we need to do is how to prepare our reaction towards the pain’s existence, whether we run from it or we learn from it, here is the good news about the pain’s existence; you can use the pain to break your ignorance and also the pain can help you to break your bad habit, the pain can become discipline when you push your limit in order to reach goal, now here is the bad news about the pain’s existence; when the pain of regret comes to your timelines, there is nothing you can heal although you try to exchange your regret with your valuable things such as time, effort, money, car, house, real estate, hobby, true friend, family, dream, information, repent, age and many other things, here is my advice to you related with the pain’s existence; don’t try to underestimate the little thing in this life although you can’t see it, don't try to ignore what you can feel it or don't try to fight what you can’t finish something, surrender the outcome to the divine's decision I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.