Pray for what you want then prepare for it

         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about “pray for what you want then prepare for it”, the meaning of that topic is "when we don't have enough faith how to fulfill what we want, so our want will not be turned in reality, use spiritual intelligence is the key how to help us to make long preparation in our daily routines, the most interesting thing is when we will fail at something and we are being asked to trust with God's plan, at this phase human will get challenged by God to do something beyond what human always do in daily life, if we are not interested with challenge, our praying will be pointless, remember this note; we can’t handle our future when we can’t hold tight about what pray, so we need the power of determination to fulfill what we pray, besides that, we must prepare our skill constantly until we are prepared to accept what we need, making good preparation is not easy because we will get stumbled over the distraction, delay and rejection, that's reality, no wonder many school in the world are offering the creativity program in order to teach student how to keep passion alive and how to endure the mental pain in long period of time, here is the clue how to know whether our praying is good enough or not to us; when we pray something, we don't feel burdened during running the preparation, instead, we feel motivated with the goal.

Remember this note; don’t try to fight against the natural law although our praying haven't come yet, everything great needs patience and preparation, in order to wait God's answer upon our praying, we mustn't let God waits our preparation, that's the right mindset we need to apply in ourselves, as far as I know, not everyone can accept God's decision because some people can't fulfill what God's want, here are the criteria how to fulfill what God's want; 1. Showing gratitude to everything we can accept, 2. Staying focus how to increase our potential, 3. Having strong faith with God's plan, 4. Accepting failure, rejection and delay from God' decision 5. trust with time,  here is another factor why our praying has been delayed; lack of preparation, lack of making failure, lack of commitment, lack of taking risk, lack of faith and lack progress, in order to welcome our praying in the future, we must be ready by accepting the challenge, when we don't accept the challenge, we cancel our proposal to God, here is the additional note; praying is not about what we want so badly, but also we must measure how we can endure responsibility, besides that, we must appreciate with God' decision, I know it sounds unfair, but as human being, we can't do anything without borrowing the grace of God, our personal quality will determine what we decide, without training and working, we will get stumbled over regret, here is the main reason why most people can’t get what they pray because they don't focus on the process and they just focus on the end result I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.